1. ANewLife4Me

    For those of you who have lost a child….

    My sincere condolences to you first of all. 💔💐 Because of my daughter attempting suicide in the past, combined with her numerous mental health issues, she is very high risk for a completed attempt. Reading about this subject has mentioned an invaluable source of help, even with specific groups...
  2. F

    Help! Fiance Continues to Enable Her Daughter

    I hope you can share some guidance and insight. My fiancé is enabling her daughter and it’s spilling into/affecting our relationship. Some background: We live together – have dated 4.5 years, both in our mid-50s, plan to get married in 3 months. She has 2 adult children (both early 20s)...
  3. leaving

    I need help for my son!

    Him I'm new and don't know where to start. Please bear with me. I'm a mom of five kids - all have been homeschooled for most of their academic life, though they've all had the freedom to go to school if they wanted (some of them have for a couple of years). All the kids are involved in outside...
  4. Lila256

    New Guardian ad litem?

    About a week ago, my stepson was made a ward of the state when his biological parents signed over their rights after a series of uncontrolled, violent events that he has a racked up a number of criminal charges for. During the first few years of our relationship, my partner was involved in a...
  5. HMBgal

    Need help with step to take next

    Hello my online go-to people. I just found out today that a parent of a 7-year old boy in my neighborhood has been having some behavior problems and his school recommended therapy for him. The little boy says my grandson exposed to him to some really nasty porn in June. Grandson has done this...
  6. B

    Really need advice.

    My Son had a very bad summer, well a really bad past year, but this summer he wen inpatient at Children's for depression. Once he got out things seemed to be getting back on track and he started dating "C". Then he started slipping back. Not because of "C" because he is a stubborn child who...
  7. mollyzuzu

    What will it take to get son put in residential

    Hi all, I have been posting concerning my son in and out of mental hospital, bipolar, autism, adhd, cannabis disorder, substance abuse and the list of diagnosis goes on. He is on a court order not to do drugs, alcohol, steal and he is supposed to listen to his parents till next august. He has...
  8. N

    Will the school contact me if my daughter drops out?

    We live in North Carolina and my daughter says she's gunna drop out right once she turns 18. Will the school contact me and let me know when she does this or will I have to wait and hear it from her?
  9. N

    Parent signature for 18 year old drop out?

    Does a child in North Carolina need parents permission to drop out if they are 18? I'm worried for my daughter but Im thinking that there isn't anything I can do about it
  10. N

    Child wants to leave

    Hi, I just have some questions that I'd like to have cleared up. My daughter, age 17, turns 18 real soon and says she wants to move back to Ohio right once she turns 18 and she wants to drop out of high school. She goes to school in North Carolina. Does she need a parents signature to drop out...
  11. Gershbunny

    Is there no hope?

    I have just recently found this site, I have read several stories which are similar to mine. I have a son, my only son and my first born. He is 32. He went from being one of the most popular boys in town and school , in small town America ,to now being homeless in suburbia outside of L.A, for...