10 yr old ADHD

New to this site.Hello everyone.I am a grandma of 2 beautiful boys that I love dearly.Unfortunatly they both have ADHD.The 10 yr old never seems to improve.My 8 yr old has moments but not out of control yet.We have been dealing with this since he was 3 and has been on just about every medicine out there with no improvements.This school yr has been awful,now he is downright mean and hits and kicks other kids.He is in trouble at school alot but up until this yr he has been on the A-B honor roll Now he's lucky to get c's and d's.He does his homework but refuses to turn it in so he gets 0's.I try to help out my son who is single and raising both boys with-o any help from their"mother" if thats what she is.Is there anything anyone can tell me to try that I haven't?I have read hundreds of books and tried most everything with no success.My poor son is just exhausted between work,the school calling him and the constant fighting.My 8 yr old grandson is constantly being hit and kicked and I feel so bad for him.I think the older boy feels remorse after the incident but he'll go right back and do the same thing again.Anything you might offer would be appriciated.


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Hi ohsoworried, I'm glad you found our site.

I'm moving your post to the General board as this board is for children 5 and under.