1st day at new school..so far so good


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Well, I brought my younger 3 to their new school this morning and all went great. I put together gift bags that were "Teacher Survival Kits" that had a stress ball in it, some kid bribes, a mini-banana and pumpkin bread loaf and some chocolate. I also baked regular sized loaves like I do every year, for the front office. If you read the morning thread you heard I was nervous about this. It was our first day at this school and I thought they'd think I was strange for bringing them bread in the office. Well, they were so sweet! The nurse gave me a big hug and the secretary did and the nurse went into the hallway and grabbed the principal to introduce us. They were all just so sweet! So I'm hoping the teachers enjoy their survival kits and I pray to God my difficult child's behave today.

I came home and emailed all of my oldest difficult children teachers a short note about bio moms rights being terminated and about his new diagnosis and what they may see in him. Gave them a few tips that work for us and then let them know they can reach us if they need to.

I have 3 extra loaves of pumpkin bread that I'm debating on bringing into their front office. I didn't do it last year when my oldest started, but maybe I should carry it over to middle school, especially since 4 of my 5 school age kids will all be there next year. I'm always afraid someone is going to think I'm strange.


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No, they will never think that. I work in a school, and the smallest bit of kindness is appreciated and remembered. Your small gesture of kindness will go a long way. They won't forget and I bet they always greet you with a smile. Personally, a small card with a just thank you note makes my job worthwhile. -Alyssa


That's so nice of you. I'm sure they appreciate it.

It's me that's strange. The phone rang last week and the school district's number popped up on the caller ID. I immediately go into a panic mode. It didn't help too much either when I remembered that difficult child wasn't even at school because school didn't start until next week (today). Sigh........


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LOL, I did that too just a week ago. The automated message went out to remind us of schedule pick-up and my heart skipped a beat. Then I realized, oh duh, they aren't there yet!
Ditto here! Got an auto phone call this morning, reminding us to meet the teachers this afternoon. Saw the caller ID, and there was instant puckering, ya know, almost sucked the seat up?