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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Nancy, Oct 29, 2010.

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    Followed three teens from middle class suburban Minneapolis who were all addicted to heroin. Two went into rehab and one went to jail. The boy who went to jail was released and they lost contact with him. The two that went to rehab are both doing well 9 months later and following their treatment plan.

    It was so real and exactly what we have been living these past 90 days. difficult child is still doing well, attending meetings and living the sober life.

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    I had planned on watching it last night but feel asleep. I am not feeling so hot and took some cold medications .... Glad 2 kids are on their way to recovery ... hoping for the best for the other ....
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    You should be able to watch it online on the channel's site.
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    That's so good to hear! I really believe she has a good future ahead of her, with a few bumps maybe, but she is showing how bad she wants this for herself and that's the biggest factor to make it happen.

    As far as that show, I didn't see it but I think it's another indicator that it takes adequate help being available not just "discipline" to help one turn their life around. I'm glad 2 out of 3 got it, at least.