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Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by Ropefree, Feb 8, 2009.

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    Over the last week I had some conversations with the state ed attorney adovocate and learned that some of what i had been told was all so untrue.
    I have the list of documents to submit and am advised to hold off on the form to re-evaluation until he looks at those first.

    Meanwhile I am going to meet the teachers who all like my son. he is not a behavior issue these days for them.

    Accept the things that he "should, could, ought have" and other points all of which continue to center on focus and production of work...ie, the behavior that does not interfer with a classroom, the behavior that is part and parcel with the diagnosis.

    The trassition beyond high shcool iep services that were cut away from him and other iep teens by the school under the false directive from the doe when they cut iep last year are a problem now as well.

    I want to say that as a parent who has been "on Team" now in all these years and also attended and called dozens of meetings I am as fed up with this. It is not that complex to just give a student the support they need.
    The iep system is offering what the do need to offer and when they can not the state ed att should be at a special meeting asap and get these impleimented. A childs education is not a crapshoot.
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    Lucky our kids, who have us parents to advocate! Oh, the trials and tribulations of navigating the system. I don't envy you! As well, difficult child and we have been through a succession of trials and disappointments regarding school and limited help available. Of course, we're not ready to give up (at least I am not :D).

    I have read some of your posts and gather your son has had some success with having an IEP in place and am glad for him. Hopefully, things will look up for him with your help.

    Never a dull moment, is there? Good luck to you.
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    marilynn:Thanks for the kind words and support. Yesterday was a fine example of what I feel is why the help our kids with learning issues need outside the schools supports for their specific issues. They need people working with them to help them learn what they need to know about their learning issues. It is just a waste of everyones time to listen to teachers who complain they do not have the time to offer the large classes that are used in schools. And it makes sence. The school time with all on board can only do so much.
    Today I am taking another step to get the support my son needs by getting an ed attorney involved and to secure the support that he has not been provided all this time. Even when he had iep the schools neglected to follow those and every year valuable time was lost for my son to be learning what he does need to learn. The compensations that are adopted, including giving up on themsleves, by learners with these needs on their own...oh, it is so sad.
    When the message the students with disabilities are recieving is that there are ways, but we are not giving you that chance. They learn to feel that they are worthless.
    And I am not giving up on advocating, I hope i am going to have this matter handled and stop wasting his time and my time with a system that needs to evolve and will not do it without the legal mechanisms turning inside the system.
    My son will need support through his college years to internalize the means by which he can effect the presentation of the material he is learning. The fact that he was, like so many, not recieving the support from a qualified person who had the time and the constancy for him.
    And I am tired of being blamed because I have one child who needs these things.
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    It is really important to get that IEP back in force. I cannot remember what year of high school he is in, but you will have to begin working on that IEP that follows him to college the spring of his senior year.

    I hope this advocate is able to help you make sure the school "towes the line".

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    I hear you loud and clear. I have been making more contacts and have some others who are adding ideas and names of people who may be able to fit in the meeting.

    Mom here has here feet firmly planted and I will be going at this with a will.

    I appreciate your thoughts. i am hoping to get some help going asap and not using inadiquate personnel AGAIN.

    I also suspect that the rattles I am making are actually music to some ears along the chain of people who do want the education system working for the students. How I can generate that roar loud enough to make a differance we will see.

    The meeting is coming. Postponed again, not by me, but on the schedule.
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    It is very sad when our kids give up on themselves; also, that they feel worthless!!! As a concerned and loving mom, I am sure it is painful to watch him go through this. Fortunately, your son has a great mom and advocate in you, and I would bet your actions are also being noted by him/you are demonstrating and setting a trend with your proactive behavior and (in my opinion) that will spur him on. Let us know how things go.
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    Thanks M: And now my Mother dies. We are going to be with family . Jackie Kennedy said "life comes first" and so we will carry the books and the intention. But for now we will embrace the love of our family and friends.
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    Very sorry for your loss.

    Let us know how the meeting goes.
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    Ropefree: I checked back here to see how you were coming along with plans for your son's 504 meeting and read your post.

    I am so very sorry for you and your family and send wishes that you might find comfort and peace during this very difficult time. Take care.