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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by AmericanGirl, Jun 6, 2012.

  1. AmericanGirl

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    My son received his 90 day chip tonight. He's scheduled to leave the outpatient program probably next week. Will be moving to a highly recommended sober living facility.

    Our relationship continues to improve. We both have much to do. I know his sobriety is just that...HIS. I'm trying to remember where I need boundaries and where I need to stand back even if that means he falls.

    One day at a time. So very grateful for all of your support and friendship!! Thank you!!
  2. Calamity Jane

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    90 day chip!! That's so awesome; what an accomplishment. I'm so proud of him, AG. May he have continued success and maturity and enjoy sobriety, with all its ups and downs. He must be so happy to share this milestone with his mama! Peace and love to you both.
  3. Mattsmom277

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    Awesome update! Glad to hear he is transitioning to sober living and that it has a good reputation. How is he feeling about this milestone? And how is feeling about the sober living house? Continued good vibes going up for this to be truly a stepping stone that keeps going in this very positive direction.
  4. Nancy

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    Awesome AG! That 90 day chip is so important, a very big milestone for sure. Transitioning into a sober living house is big, and with that comes a lot more freedom to make good choices. You are a big support to him and it's so important to have family support because many young people in this position do not. I loved when my difficult child was inthe sober house. I got to go to costco and buy supplies and drop it off and even bought large packages of meat or fruit and it made me feel like I was helping. But of course with this move there is a level of worry that goes with it. I hope and pray that he is one who stays with the program and becomes a role model for other young people. So many of the counselors told me difficult child that but sadly it wasn't to be. I am still hoeful that someday it will be but we need young people like your difficult child to lead the way and let them know they can make it.

    I'm so thrilled with his success and am anxious to hear how the next phase goes.

  5. Kathy813

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    What awesome news!! It's great that you found a highly recommended halfway house. The wrong one can be a disaster as we found out. Your son is really doing great and so are you.

  6. lovemysons

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    I am so very happy to hear of your son's progress...Not perfection, smile.
    Yep, there are lots of simple cliche's in AA...they are little reminders of how to think...and live.
    I am so pleased your son is taking in the program and has received his 90 day chip.

    I understand too what you say about boundaries...and it being HIS sobriety. It is painfully difficult to let go and let them find their way when every loving bone in our bodies tell us to coddle, rescue, and save. But that's not how this deal works, huh? It's hard.

    Looking forward to even more progress (one day at a time) with your son.
    You must be feeling rather hopeful at this time.
  7. buddy

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    Great News....HUGS
  8. pinevalley

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    That's great news, AG!! That's an important accomplishment for your son, and for you too. You should be proud of all your hard work to find the right treatment for your difficult child, and for supporting his recovery all this time. Please continue to update us on his progress. HUGS...
  9. AmericanGirl

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    Thank you all.....i do not know how I would have managed this far without you.
  10. Signorina

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    Alleluia!! So happy for you both!
  11. DDD

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    I'm thrilled to read your update. Hugs. AG. DDD