A beautiful and insitightful story of addiction from the point of view of the parent

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by dashcat, Apr 4, 2013.

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    I just saw him on tv the other day promoting his sequel to this book, Clean. I even marked it on my ereader to buy.
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    A poignant and honest account of the journey many of us are on, thanks Dash.
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    I recently finished that book - LOVED IT - I think it's a must read for any parent of a difficult child - now I am reading Tweak - that's Nic's story - it's equally moving
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    I loved his book....it was so honest and he talked so honestly about so manh feelings I have had. I also liked Tweaked but it was scary and disturbing to me..... I am looking forward to reading his new book.

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    My Al-anon sponsor called me yesterday to tell me I had to read his new book, Clean. He said he heard about it on NPR.

    Beautiful Boy was a good read...sad, real, very helpful.
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    Thank you for sharing. I read this as i sit tonight and worry over my daughter who did not return home tonight. Hers is not a major drug addiction...i believe she struggles with sex. I dont know to what extent. I dont see porn, but she has a history of disappearing and writing sexually charged letters to prisoners. WHile in her first Residential Treatment Center (RTC) shared sexual acting out to the point they put her in the sexually reactive group. It was there we found out about her abuse. The feelings are the same and they rip you up no matter what the addiction is. They all have dangers and keep you awake. I thought i was past being up and worried all night.....nope not the case. Steps up and steps back.
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    Prayers for you exhausted....
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    Reading Clean right now. Excellent book. So well reseached. I especially liked the chapter where he talks about the actual physical changes in the brain of an addict, giving credence to the theory that addiction is a disease. Very cutting edge...