A few prayers for my sister please


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I received a phone call from my sister this morning telling me she was off to detox and then quickly put me on the phone with her mother in-law, whom they live with. Needless to say I was pretty shocked. Thinking back to it now, she called me a few times and I thought she sounded like she was slurring her words, but never suspected a drinking "problem", so just kind of shook it off. I know when we go on vacation to Florida, the two of us like to let a little lose and the favorite saying was always, well it's 5 o'clock somewhere!! but I never ever thought she had a problem. At first when her mother in-law told me I thought they were over reacting, but then she started telling me how she was coming home from work drunk. She cleans houses for a living and apparently admitted to drinking during the day while working. She also watches her 2 granddaughters on Tuesdays and her son called his dad and said he found vodka missing after she babysat. I am at work, so I really couldn't talk to her mother in-law in detail in front of my co-workers, so I will call her as soon as I get out of work today.

keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I hope she can get through this. I know alchoholism runs in our families. She is my half sister and her mother is an alcoholic, my father I always believed is a functioning alcoholic, my brother is a 16 year recovering alcoholic, and as you all know my son is a recovering heroin addict, so.......

Thanks in advance for your prayers!!


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Prayers being said. As the wife and mother and daughter of addicts I know first hand the destruction that this plague can cause on individuals and their families.


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Thoughts and prayers coming from here also. I grew up in an alcoholic home...it's not easy. I hope she gets the help she needs and has the support and the belief in herself to stay sober.


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You can count on me, Karen. DDD

by the way, my difficult child bought a coin at the mall the other day that had the
Serenity Prayer on it. I had recently explained how he could use
that prayer for his daily living issues although it was often used by alcoholics and addicts. It seems to me that having a
coin to finger or rub as a reminder might help be an aide that
would not be obvious to others. Hugs.


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As another from a highly addicted family on all sides! I am sending lots of encouragement and strength! It is a tough road...


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That coin sounds like a good thing. I'll have to see if I can find one. I would actually pick up two and give one to my son.


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Karen, chiming in here to let you know more prayers are coming your sister's way.

When I was in treatment, the facility gave us "coins" which we call Medallions upon completion of the in-patient program.

Perhaps that practice has gone by the wayside, but it's possible your sister will have "earned" her own coin before too long....



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I know they still do that in aa and na, as my difficult child has many coins and keychains as he has been almost 8 months clean. I would just like to find her one with the serenity prayer as DDD suggested. I'll have to look at our local mall.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. I'm leaving work now and I'm going to call her mother in-law on my way home to see what is going on.


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Karen, I am sorry your sister is struggling with this. I have alot of alcoholism in my family also. I feel lucky that I have beat the odds up to now. I am nonetheless ever vigilant since it is a sneaky disease that just waits for an opportunity to take over a person's life. I hope and pray that your sister is able to wrestle her deamon into recovery. -RM

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I will keep your sister in my prayers Karen, may she find the strength to face this head on and come out on the other side healthier and happy.



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She called me last night to say they didn't keep her. At first I was dissapointed because they said she wasn't bad enough, but in the end I guess she really didn't belong in detox. Her blood alcohol level wasn't high enough and she hadn't had a drink in 2 days, so they felt she didn't need detoxing. They did however sign her up for an outpatient program that she will start tomorrow. She will go three days a week for the next 8 weeks and she sounds eager to start. She admitted to me that she has been drinking during the day, on the job, for over a year now. She pretty much sticks to wine, but she cleans houses for a living. Nobody is there with her and she was loneley, so as she describes it, she would just have a party with herself while cleaning.

She's taken the first step in admitting she has a problem, so hopefully she'll be strong enough to get through this.