A Little Happy News


Shooting from the Hip
So many things on this board are yucky, so here's some happy news!

Found out this morning that my lovely Belle is having a BOY!

Something told me she was pregnant, before she knew. And something told me she'd be having a boy - so here we are!

Just thought everyone would be happy to know that there IS light, she DID come out the other side and on to the next happy chapter!


Shooting from the Hip
I told Belle that, even though all the grandmothers are "Grandma" with their name, I thought it might be good to be Nana. Since Wyatt's mother will be a Grandma, and of course biomom is gone now but... She bawled her eyes out because most people wouldn't think of it. So I'm Nana. :love:


Shooting from the Hip
Cedar, yup! I'm pretty sure Pat isn't going to give me any grandbabies, and Rose... Well, that will be a while.

His "official" date is September 30. Funny little thing here... He was conceived right around Christmas... When Bill, Pat, Rose and I were up for New Year's, I ***KNEW*** she was pregnant. LOL she didn't...

Tanya M

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That is wonderful news! Congratulations.

My grandlittles call me Memaw and it just melts my heart.

pigless in VA

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Congratulations, Nana! How exciting!

SWOT, I wanted to be a Grammy, but I am Pippi to the grandkids. SO chose it for me, and I've grown rather used to it. One of the grandkids was in my preschool class one year. He was terribly confused about what to call me when and where. Now he's forgotten that he was ever there with me.