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With all that is going on I really didn't need this. On Thursday I had two teeth pulled, molars, insurance wouldn't pay for the root canals. At any rate, this morning my tongue and at least the bottom site is white, I suspect thrush, since difficult child used to get it alot with her many ear infections. But I'm not on anti-biotics, however, my immune system just stinks. I called the dentist on call, he said not to worry about it it will go away. I'm not feeling so comfortable with that. Anybody know of anything I can do at home? I am rinsing with salt and water. I somehow remember hearing to eat yogurt from back then before we knew she was allergic. Does that sound right? My stomache has been so sick the last two days, if I can get it past my mouth, it's hard to keep it in my stomach for every long. Any help would be appreciated!!! Sorry it isn't difficult child related!! :frown: But I'm desprete!



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If it is thrush which is yeast related then live and active culture yogart will help. The cultures in these yogarts kill yeast. JUst wanted to answer that part. Don't know of anything else to help. (((Hugs)))

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I have the answer I have a problem with yeast we have been fighting since my first baby ,she is 16, I just learned through my difficult children dr that you have to eat a gallon of yogurt as compared to 2 tablets of acidophilus You can get it at your health food store, and it was very mild on my stomache(i have a sensitive stomache all the time) im a mess lol
God bless, Shannon
P.s. there is some purple stuff at the drug store (forgot name?) sorry it works good for the tongue thrush, it stains clothes,et.. bad ,so careful