A spot opened at day treatment......

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by timer lady, Feb 6, 2009.

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    and it's kt's spot. I don't know exactly when she will be starting but it's there for her. I took the spot, informed kt who immediately fell to pieces.

    She wants to try & make it at a mainstream setting. I let her know

    a. I'm the mom
    b. this is not a step backwards, but a step to the side
    c. she needs this right now since dad died ~ she's going to need a great deal more support over the next months &
    d. if she does well for the rest of the school year & through ESY she can transfer back to high school.

    It took over an hour to get her calm (including throwing items about the house & threats of suicide) but we did help her calm herself. Kind of gave me a clue that this is what is needed. by the way, I'm treating her like a child according to kt. Geez......she is a child. What does she expect?

    I'm so thankful this opening came when it did. The county is threatening me with removing kt from my home if she continues or starts up with school refusal. I saw that coming.....
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    Thank goodness! I was hoping a spot would open for kt. She asked for this a couple months ago........she needs it now more than ever. Sorry is was such a scene, but that's why they are difficult children!!

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    Great news!! I love the "step sideways" remark. That is such a good way to put it. Keeping my finger's crossed that all goes well. :)
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    And just where would the school place kt??? Do they even think before they make these ultimatums (sp)?

    I am glad a spot is opening for her.
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    I'm so glad a spot opened for kt. I think you explained things well and hopefully she will come to realize soon that it is a good move for her. As far as the county goes-I'm steaming here that they would even think to say that to you! Hugs.
  7. Steely

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    Yipee..........SO glad a spot opened up. That is great news.

  8. DDD

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    "I saw that coming." That sentence totally described how a Warrior Mom has to think. What a stressful bummer that is! on the other hand the unfortunate children who don't have a W.M. end up as victims of the system.

    Way To Go! DDD

    PS: I'm sorry that it is a requirement to stay "on guard" :anxious:
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    Whew! So glad that spot opened for Kt. -RM
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    This comment gave me a chuckle. I certainly didn't think *I* was a child at 14! Neither did Daughter.

    As much as KT is a difficult child, she is also a typical teen.

    I'm glad a spot opened up for her. I would agree that she needs the extra support considering what you all have experienced these past months.
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    At 14, I'm sure it's difficult to understand when you need the added support. Add on all of kt's challenges, and it's understandable why she'd want to probably be "normal" and in a mainstream setting.

    I'm glad you got her in, Linda. It sounds like a very good setting for her. I hope it turns out to be a positive experience for her. Congrats!
  12. TerryJ2

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    Her reaction proves your point.
    I'm glad something opened up. :)