A stay of execution...

...for my uterus.

Saw the doctor today. He postponed my hysterectomy. Wants me to have a series of pulmonary function tests to determine if what I have is asthma, bronchitis, whatever. Can't do that until I am back to 100%. No way all that will take place in 2 weeks. SO, the tests are set up for 3 weeks from now.

Also, the steroids made my blood sugar go up when I was in the hospital. High enough that they were giving me insulin. doctor wants to run blood tests to make sure I didn't become diabetic, but wants to make sure that my body is rid of ALL the steroids first. Will have those blood tests on the same day as the breathing tests.

SO...maybe next month for the hysterectomy. Dammit.


No real answers to life..
Ah, those uterusi know where to go to file appeals....Pulling in steroids--the big guns, how low can you get?

In all seriousness, hope you find some relief from all the health woes you are going thru...study hard for all those upcoming tests.....

We will be thinking of you....