A very wonderful afternoon

I just had the best afternoon with Pixie, and while I usually don't post about stuff like this, I felt moved to do so today.

For starters, the weather is absolutely gorgeous today. 62' and sunny, just the way I like it, a little cool. I have been sick pretty much since last summer, not feeling well with menstrual problems, and have not been able to do much with Pixie. The past 2 weeks especially have been bad with migraines and coughing fits as well. Today, I was feeling a little better, so I took Pixie to the park.

You know, we were only there an hour, but it was so great. I saw that she is able to do things that she was not able to do the last time I took her (go across the monkey bars, hang by her knees, etc). We brought granola bars and juice boxes and had a snack. We blew dandilions (the white ones). We found a small frisbee and played awhile. And when she got tired, she said "I'd like to go home now" instead of me telling her that it is time to do and her having a meltdown.

As I got in the car to leave, it dawned on me that next week, the 17 year cicadas will be here, and I probably won't be able to get Pixie to leave the house. June 25th I have my hysterectomy. Who knows if I will have a chance to do this again since I feel icky so often.

I am blessed that I had this chance. I am all smiles right now!


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I love times like that! I have a suggestion...Write her a note tonight. Tell her about the day and how much you enjoyed it and save it for her. I have written letters to my children beginning when I was pregnant with them. I have a notebook for each of them.

I'm glad it was such a nice afternoon for you and your daughter!

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Sounds like a very special afternoon-enjoy the memory for a long time to come-you deserve it. :flower: