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  1. Wiped Out

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    week. For those of you who read we had called CPS because this student told us he was getting hit at home with an extension cord. The next day we called the police because he said he had a plan to kill his mom and sister.

    The relative she was living with told her she needed to move out. Monday she pulled this kiddo out and took him back to where they moved from in January. It is a very large city (last week he told me when he lived there people were shooting one another and he didn't want to go back) and I am worried for him but there is nothing more I can do. It is very sad and frustrating. I wish there was more I could do.
  2. Fran

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    Can CPS not call the CPS officials in that bigger city.
  3. klmno

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    That's very sad- is CPS staying involved or is anyone keeping an eye on this situation? I can't help but wonder why some people who are doing their best seem to be the ones focused on instead of kids like this who are truly living in a dangerous situation. I don't know how you handle a job like that- will he still be going to your school?
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    How very sad... I hope this child manages to safe and finds another teacher or other adult he can confide in quickly.
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    Fran-I don't think so-it is even in a different state. Our school nurse had said she wouldn't be surprised if this happened. I'm not sure though that is completely to do with the report since the relative kicked them all out.

    K-It is sad.

    TM-Me too. He told me he didn't connect well with his teachers in his old school (told me he punched one in the face (yes he is a difficult child-a lovable one-aren't they all).

    From what I know of the mom she is Bipolar and not very stable right now.
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    It is so difficult to feel like you've lost one. I had that feeling last week. I posted about my difficult child who dropped out. That same day, two others, both males who only need one more credit to graduate also dropped. It is breaking my heart to watch what is happening to our young people and feel like my hands are tied by the bureaucracy of the system. I'm sorry. It's hard.
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    Sharon, I do know that CPS can & does contact the next state when a parent starts moving around to avoid "problems". Some states are more receptive & want to know; others are overwhelmed.

    I hope CPS, in this case, steps up to the plate & at least informs the next office of the residence of this parent.
  8. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    I can't believe school officials call and say this boy has a plan to kill his mother and sister - and then they move so its - a NOTHING?

    He sounds VERY desperate to me. I'm surprised CPS can't call CPS and do a follow up.

    Wait - I think everyone said that - okay....but still.:mad:
  9. house of cards

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    I will pray he is watched over by angels and finds another teacher willing to stick her neck out and see/hear what he saids.
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    I understand your pain and your fear. As someone who worked as a foster parent/child advocate for 30 years I know what it is like to feel like you have lost one. We all know that we cannot save every child that comes across our path but the pain is no different with that knowledge.
    Can you call CPS in the place he is moveing back to and give them a heads up yourself? If not tell the child to not do anything to hurt others but to tell his story to a teacher a minister a YMCA instructor a Crossing guard, a police officer, a nurse or any medical person or anyone that he thinks might act responsibly at his new home. Tell him to keep telling people until someone listens to him. -RM