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    I'm chapped off to the max. Surprised? No, not really.

    easy child/difficult child has recurring gout. Wednesday he came limping into the store with his right foot swollen and painful. Tuesday night he had a mini bender. Alcohol is a big NO NO for gout sufferers. He thought he should go to the hospital to get a shot to aleve his pain. I reminded him that each time he went he got another huge bill against his credit report. Suggested he drink lots of water and avoid all alcohol plus the red meats etc. that cause the problem. He went home to his apartment to rest and drink water.

    Yesterday, Thursday, he was able to drive again. HE looked up the Mayo page on Gout. HE said "it says beer is even worse the alcohol and I drank a six pack last night because I couldn't afford a bottle." THEN he told me he was out of water at the apartment and didn't have anything healthy to eat...just frozen greasy red meat packages. Can you beieve after all this time (d u m b!) I gave him a ten to buy a salad with-chicken and water for the apartment.

    Today, Friday, we needed our company truck which he is allowed to use most of the time. He has not driven after drinking. He parks the truck and catches a ride if he has had any booze. He's done really well with that rule and has been proud of himself.

    NOT! We needed the truck today. He was not at the apartment. The truck was not at the apartment nor was it outside his haunt. We lost a much needed sale as husband had no truck for delivery.

    At five o'clock today he called GFGmom's SO and asked for a ride to the hospital. His foot was extremely swollen, very discolored and he was in extreme pain. DUH!
    He told SO that he "thought the truck was outside X's house" but wasn't sure. It the sorriest section of town.

    He's still at the hospital. I will not go. SO brought the truck and easy child'difficult child's keys to our house and husband just drove SO to pick up his truck. OMG! I am so blanking sick of addictive behaviors and the aftermath. This time it has literally cost us bucks that we truly need........could lose an old customer to boot. On top of that, SO told me "the truck is pulling to the right and I think easy child/difficult child either had an accident or slammed on the brakes as all the junk under the seat and in the bed slid to the front."

    It has been ten years since he was identified as an alcoholic. He takes steps forward and then falls off the deep end. I no longer panic. I no longer have the degree of engagement that I had. I've made progress but the only progress he has made is that he doesn't pop pills ever...and smokes pot only once every few months. The five year probation is over in March. Then...he's on his own. We don't need to live like this. by the way, he was turned down for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) disability..he presents too well. What a life. Thanks for the always present opportunity to vent. It is too hard coping alone with the rollercoaster. DDD
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    Amazing!! I'm glad you no longer panic. I hope to get to that point soon.
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    I was thinking the same thing as Karen, I still panic when I know she's using. I'm sorry DDD, we know only too well the roller coaster of addicition.

    My dad was the same way, he had horrible gout and was always a big drinker. He began blaming it on the rich food he was eating. We all knew the real culprit.