Alcohol and difficult child


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I saw a note (from Nate, actually) reg. alcohol and thought it would make an interesting thread, but that it should be separate.
So here it is ...

I like white wine and champagne and often have it with-dinner. We have some hard liquor in the house for parties, but even during parties we don't use it because none of us knows how to mix drinks. :smile:
Yrs ago, we had a 14-yr-old exchange student from S. America come to live with-us. She hung around with-a 17-yr-old German exchange student and some rough neighborhood kids (amazing how these kids find one another!) and started drinking. She and her friend stole it from host families' cabinets.
So I came up with-the idea to put syrup of ipepac in all the bottles and didn't say a word.
I was actually looking forward to our student getting sick to her stomach but it never happened. (I'm so mean!) She took what little liquor she stole from the host family of the German student. It was the neighbor kids and German student who drank the most. Our student was defiant but not a drinker.
After she flew home, I had to throw away every single bottle because I could not remember which ones I'd tainted, LOL!

Our easy child and difficult child have shown little interest in alcohol. We let them have a sip of champagne on New Year's Eve but they haven't liked it. If I ever see a drunk in public, I point it out and say that unlike having one glass with-a meal, that person drank the whole bottle by himself. The kids are aghast, of course.

So far, so good.