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Please keep a good thought for husband. He interviewed for the 4th time for a company yesterday. (The interview lasted 3 hours.)

We really need this job - he needs to get this job.

I'm not trying to get my hopes too high....but being called back for a 4th interview is positive. Being called back for a 4th interview could be devastating if husband isn't offered this position.

Our family could really use the break in the employment picture.

Please rattle bead for this....really need the break.


Prayers and best wishes for a positive outcome!

A 3 hour 4th interview sounds mighty promising!! Good thoughts coming your way.

I'm keeping all my body parts crossed!!! I'm rattling the beads!!!
It does sound really promising!!! I'll be keeping you and husband in my thoughts and prayers... Please update as soon as you have any info... :flower: WFEN


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<span style='font-size: 14pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #6600CC"> rattling beads.

</span> </span> </span>


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Linda, it would be criminal to bring him in for 4 interviews and NOT offer him the job. Good grief!

Fingers crossed, sending good thoughts, burning candles, and I'll even throw in the naked chicken liver dance :wink: if it will bring good luck.

Suz :princess:


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Keeping good thoughts for him. I thought he had already gotten the job, for some reason. I hope all goes well for him. You guys deserve some good stuff right now.


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Praying, rattling, and crossing everything for your husband. 4 interviews!? :smile: C'mon, hire the man already!! :hypnosis:


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Rattling every bead I can find!!! Yeah come on hire him!!! positive thinking he will get hired.... :hypnosis:


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I'm cold after having been naked all day doing my chicken liver dance. Did it work???

Suz :princess:

timer lady

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I guess we'll be waiting until Monday to find out. husband got an email from the owner of the company with a few more questions. Asked husband to be patient. What the heck does that mean?

Suz, stop doing the dance.... you're going to kill yourself! :smile:

I really wanted a celebration dinner tonight - guess it's leftovers. :wink:

Thanks ladies - I'm going nuts here. husband in the meantime, is continuing, very calmly, to search for jobs & interview elsewhere. :flower:


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Good grief, Linda. Is he applying to the CIA or something? :hypnosis:

Poor you guys. What an ordeal. sheesh.



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husband is smart to keep on keeping on. He is doing what they told him to do - being patient!

Still have fingers crossed!