Am I bipolar? difficult child asked

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TerryJ2, Aug 21, 2008.

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    ...just a few min. ago.
    He called me downstairs, where he was cooking turkey bacon, margarine and A1 sauce. He's as happy as a clam and has lots of energy.
    Out of the blue, he asked, "Am I bipolar?"
    I said I didn't know, why?
    He said because he was so angry just a little while ago, thinking angry thoughts, and then the mood lifted and he was happy and full of energy, and he could think the same thoughts just as thoughts in general and not be angry about them.
    Frankly, he may be, but I don't think he took his Adderal. He's never this hungry until the pill wears off around 6:30.

    I did use the opportunity to remind him that we were going to do more tests, so he'll cooperate when the time comes. :smug:
  2. TerryJ2

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    Oooh, my sister is soooooooooo FUNny. I emailed her this same note and this is her reply:

    I for one am always happier when I say F***. My mood always lifts.
    He seems very insightful.

    I needed that. ;)
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    That is actually really good that he is recognizing his issues. The fact that he is willing to talk about it is wonderful. More importantly he is the one who started the conversation. He knows himself well. It's great that he is not in denial and is inquisitive about what is happening with him. I wish my difficult child would engage in this type of conversation. She is in big time denial. The only thing she is willing to admit is that she has an anger problem. The word bipolar triggers her so called "anger problem". If she would be willing to talk about what happens within herself then maybe she could make more progress. You cant change what you don't acknowledge.

    So kudos to your son for being so insightful. :)
  4. klmno

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    I think you handled that well! Last year when psychiatrist was evaluating difficult child for BiPolar (BP) symptoms, difficult child revealed certain things going on with him, then said "psychiatrist, I can't help it, I think I'm BP1". I believe that was the day difficult child got his first script for mood stabilizers!! (Not just because he said that, but the signs were there that he needed it.)

    Although it might mean several different things, behavior management techniques for ODD (bad conduct) only made my difficult child worse. I've heard that's common for BiPolar (BP) (it might be common for other things that I'm not aware of). My difficult child's efforts came when I used The Explosive Child techniques. Just curious- Was it the other way around for yours?
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    That was really good personal observation, and also probably highly relevant. I would make a point of mentioning this at the next appointment and also mentioning that difficult child himself noticed this personally - he should be congratulated!

    I've found that when my kids are in the mood (and capability) to make observations like this, it's good to sit and explore a range of things with them, as long as they continue willing. "How often do you think this happens?" "How do you feel about the possibility?" "How do you feel about how you handle things in general?" "What do you understand this to mean?"
    And so on.

    There are no right or wrong answers, and once they realise this it can be very freeing for them - it also opens the door for them to be more willing to discuss their concerns and problems with a third party.

  6. ML

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    I think that his emerging self awareness is very encouraging. The manster did this recently when he admitted that he is so sensitive and feels people are yelling at him when they're simply using a stern voice.
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    Thank you all.

    Yes, difficult child sometimes thinks people are yelling at him, too. Ironic, since he's the one who seems to shout most of the time. When he's not shouting, he's so quiet I have to say, "What? What?"
    Turns out he stayed up most of last night, which was yet another reason he was a monter today. He's been asleep on the couch for several hrs and missed dinner.
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    I do think it is great that he has moments of self awareness like this!