Am I too sensitive? What makes you cringe?


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<span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'>Okay, I'm old, I know that there is a generation gap, whatever, but I just cringe when I hear the advertising for the new movie, KNOCK-ed UP. It just makes me cringe to hear this term. I am also not a fan of bathroom humor, just isn't funny to me...wouldn't walk across the street to see Adam Sandler or his movies either (not that this is one of them).

You would think after 24 years of difficult child there would be little that would make me cringe, but that term can do it. It just sounds cheap and derogatory to me....

What makes you cringe?</span>



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I cringe every time I hear a young girl/woman who is thin who says they believe they need to lose weight. We are living in a era where girls are literally killing themselves over body image, and body images today in our teens is so distorted. My easy child is chubby and so is my niece. I worry about them long term health wise, carrying extra weight. Yet it is a fine line between trying to help them lose weight without giving them poor body image. I never mention weight to easy child, I talk about what are healthy food choices and why they are healthy, what snacks are better snacks than others, what it means to indulge a treat and how important it is to be physically active. I also tell her how beautiful she is and be sure to compliment her on new outfits etc, sending her positive body image messages.


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<span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'>mattsmom, I know what you mean about thin girls thinking they are "fat"....

I have also been watching the new Dove ads about "age". Can't say I'm excited about their "older, naked" models. I get the idea and I'm all for changing ideas about age is just a number, but don't know why we have to show naked women to get the point across. I'm not a prude, but it just doesn't make the point to me....

Just rattling on....</span>



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That term "knocked up" was around back when I was in high school in the early 60's - it was gross and vulgar then and it's gross and vulgar now!

You know what really makes me cringe? :mad: Almost to the point that I can't hold back the smarta$$ remarks? :smirk: I realize I'm probably going to catch a whole lot of flack over this one ... bring it on! But if I hear one more dewy-eyed little expectant mother sappily announcing, "<u>WE'RE</u> pregnant!", I think I'm going to hurl! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/sick.gif I get the urge to say something like, "<u>Two</u> babies? Which one of you is due first? I'll bet you'll have an easier time of it than HE will!" :grin: :shocked: I mean, it's like taking the "new fatherhood" to whole new extremes ... the ultimate in political correctness! I often wonder if they realize how stupid this sounds to someone my age! Do these people not have dictionarys?

Maybe I could try patiently explaining to her, "No dear. Look up the word. YOU are pregnant ... HE is not! You are BOTH expectant parents, you are BOTH going to have a child ... but "WE" are not "pregnant" - YOU are! (unless he is a medical miracle!"

You notice that it's usually people in the very early stages who use this term. Later on, when she thinks she's dying from heartburn, being kicked senseless from the inside out, hasn't slept in days and can't get out of a chair by herself, it becomes extremely clear that SHE is the one who is pregnant /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/sick.gif - and HE is the one who is not! :smile: I'm probably the only person in the world who cringes when they hear this ... it's just my own personal little annoyance! Just ignore me...

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:rofl: :rofl:

Too funny Donna.

Actually that drives me bonkers too. And I can't seem to help myself. I just have to correct them. :wink:


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Donna.......... :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: ....don't hold back next time, okay? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


(I'll think of something and post later- lol)



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It bothers me, too. Here's another one ~ I hate it when a man says he's "babysitting" his children. How the heck does a father "babysit" his own children? He's being their father unless he is being paid to do it. I even hear moms use the term when leaving their husbands home alone with the kids.

You never, ever hear a mom say that she is "babysitting" her children.



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Oooooh, Kathy - that's another one that drives me nuts! I HAVE said things to people about this one! Like ... "These are YOUR kids, right? So how is it 'babysitting' if their YOUR OWN kids?" Does their mother consider it 'babysitting" when she takes care of them? The twit!


This annoys me in the same way that it used to infuriate me when my ex would expect me to thank him for doing something around the house! Like he was being "Mister Wonderful" by graciously doing some household chore that he considered to be "mine", like he was doing ME some big favor or something! We both worked the same number of hours, both tired when we came home from work, but he considered everything in the house to be MY responsibility! I'd say to him, "Do YOU thank ME when I do it? No? Then GO SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!!!" Grrrrrr


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OK...I am easily annoyed by people so I could have a field day with this one! But I cringe at the "we're pregnant"...Another one that has alsways bothered me was saying something "sucks"...the kids say "oh, that sucks"...I really think that is vulgar for children to say, even adults.


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About the "We're pregnant" thing ... My daughter and son-in-law are currently trying to have a baby. I have already made her promise the she will NEVER, EVER use this ditzy term when she becomes pregnant!
And I have made him promise to NEVER, EVER even think about using the words "barefoot" and "pregnant" in the same sentence!
My mother in law went around telling people "Matt had his baby" after I had endured THIRTY-SIX hours of labor and gave birth to pixie.

Cringe? I wanted to clock her.

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I hate the title of that movie too-it did make me cringe and Kathy, I also hate when someone says the dad is babysitting!


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I guess I do things backwards because I thought that as you get older you were supposed to be more sensitive to things but the older I get, the fewer things make me cringe. :blush:
Words don't do it, unless they're cruel and murderous.
Naked bodies don't do it unless they're pictures from Auschwitz. In fact, I kinda like the Dove commercials; it's about time I see somebody on TV that looks like me. :wink:
Even stupidity doesn't usually do it because if it did I'd be cringing constantly.
About the only things that make me cringe are the big, important things. There is one elected official that I see on TV and whenever he/she (I'm trying to be correct here and not let you know who I'm talking about)comes on. I not only cringe; I usually end up jumping up and down in the middle of the floor, cursing at the television. I could launch into a whole tirade about the things that make me cringe but they are all more or less political so I won't go into them here.
Small things I can take in stride; the big ones are the ones that make me crazy. :grrr:


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Those Dove commercials - a Sydney magazine was trying to set up some 'real' photos of a group of women and I volunteered - it was to be nude, but due to internet problems I didn't get a chance to confirm my times with them before the deadline and I lost my place. I'm sort of relieved...

One of my pet peeves is bad grammar, from people who should know better (like reporters and Education Ministers). A writer I encountered once, was holding forth on his current opus. It was, he told us, to be a treatise in psychology with considerable subtlety, definitely only for the intellectual elite. When I read it I did wonder at this claim - for something so allegedly academic, he shouldn't have written "I should OF done something...". His work was full of these gross clangers and schoolboy howlers. It was embarrassing to sit there and hear him pronounce how wonderful his work was, how many awards he was going to receive in the halls of academia. When I gently tried to suggest that perhaps he should consider editing his own work, he was scathing - clearly I didn't have the intellectual capacity to appreciate his work. He then read a chapter to us - it was about his first sexual experience. He was alone at the time. And as he read, I was regretting bringing easy child 2/difficult child 2 to this writing workshop. She was 13 at the time and shouldn't have had to sit through this rubbish.

OK, people here often spell badly, split infinitives and simply get it wrong - but on this site, that's not what we're here for. So here, it's not a problem. But coming from someone who was claiming to be the next James Joyce, it was a bit much.



:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Donna - come on. Tell us how you really feel! :rofl:

I hate the "we're pregnant", too. And the fathers that "babysit" their own kids. Anything explicit or crude makes me absolutely cringe. I've become quite the prude for someone that was pregnant in high school.


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I cringe when I hear girl's address each other as :censored2: or b**ch. I literally can feel myself come up out of my chair. It's so repulsive to me that I simply can't believe that this is acceptable. :nonono:
Since we have a foster like daughter, I have a little more experience with teen girls. I hear them say they are looking for a rich guy to marry so they can be taken care of. Yikes! what happened to standing on their own before getting married and joining forces as equals.

I can think of several terms that make me cringe. Anything that is belittling to another human rubs me the wrong way.


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I'm done laughing (thanks, Donna) but would like to weigh in on the "we're pregnant" description.

I was infertile. I went through numerous horrifyingly embarrassing tests, not to mention all kinds of other undignified *things* :blush: to become pregnant. And it worked! Unfortunately (&lt;---boy, isn't that an understatement!), I miscarried :sad:, but I can promise you that *WE* really did get pregnant since my then-husband was just as involved as I was in every step of the way of the process.

I'm wondering if that's how the phrase originated?

Anyway, just wanted to offer a different perspective to the phrase because it was duly earned in our case.



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The touchy-feelyness that is rampant today is a big pet peeve for me. I'm not cold, I'm not a prude. I just don't hug every person I meet on the street! :hammer:
Plus public displays of affection. I have nothing against holding hands, a hug or a little kiss in public. But some things belong in the bedroom. :devil:
Like thongs! I do NOT need to see your thong sticking out of the top of your pants. Cover it up! :grrr:


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One more thing: Bare chested men! (Except Raoul, of course! :wink: ) Why do most men that go shirtless have a hairy back and a beer gut? I just don't get it! :hammer: