An unusual break


My son, 18 in June, started out break with a bang. Holes in his bedroom walls, swearing away at dad, trying to pull me in. He settled down later that evening, but my husband and I were at a loss. No family available to take him, my husband took my son and they both went to husband's sister for the Christmas holiday. They returned on Tuesday and I was scheduled to take a trip to see my parents with my daughter in son on Thursday and give my husband a break. I just couldn't do it. The trip is too long, my son is too much, so I decided to stay home.We have been home since, and my son has been staying at a friend's house for the past 3 out of 4 nights. He has pretty much been gone except to take his medicine for the past four days. It has been pleasant. I even spoke with the friend's dad tonight who said my boy was welcome to stay over again tonight. I reminded the man to send him home when he needs him gone, but the dad said my son was welcome. It feels wrong, but it also feels like a blessed gift.


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It doesn't sound wrong to me. You are managing some exhausting life circumstances. Take advantage of the break... recharge... take care of yourself!


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Enjoy this time with your husband and daughter!! As long as the other family seems to be enjoying your son, let him stay. What does it hurt? If you demand him home, he will come home and make everyone angry.

Chances are it is making their holidays better by keeping their kids from getting bored and quarreling. It always used to work that way when I was growing up. I grew up with a lot of large families. It was common for kids to shuffle around to other families on holidays. Parents were fine with it because it kept the boredom and fighting from being nearly as awful as if it was just the family.