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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Just keep swimming, Dec 25, 2007.

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    Hi family, and happy holidays! :snowman:

    Finally was able to meet with Aly's inpatient psychiatrist yesterday and they have a plan! LOVE PLANS! :smile:

    The child neurologist will see her sometime in the next week or so and order an EEG. There is an MRI scheduled for Jan. 4th, so now we know she will not be "treated and streeted" as per usual at this hospital!

    So far, staff is only seeing a lonely, scared little girl who has HIGH anxiety. We see the same but have seen her have one "seizure" or "pseudo seizure" since she has been inpatient.

    psychiatrist looked through all Aly's old records and agreed that there is something that they are just not addressing yet, but he and others haven't yet put their fingers on. I am bringing all educational and neuro psychiatric testing and evaluations for them to be able to compare how she is testing the same now as she did over 4 years ago. That fact alarms him, said yes, medications do dull ability to learn but there should be SOME learing going on.

    She is the only child on the unit, so we all get to visit today, let her open her gifts, etc. She can only keep clothing and books on the unit, they won't let her keep any of her other gifts. I asked psychiatrist if we should wait till she gets out to give her her gifts and he said No, that it might trigger something like what we have been seeing at home and school, and unfortunately they do need to see that. They won't let her have the cordless, antennaless radio I looked all over to find! ERR!! psychiatrist wants to see what happens when she gets stressed. Sounds cruel, but I understand where he is coming from.

    Anyways, a very different Christmas for this family, but hey, we will still all be together and that's what really counts.

    Gotta go get ready to visit our girl. Hope you all have a safe and wonderful holiday!!
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    I hope you can give your little angel a hug from her Auntie Star. I've been where you have been today so many times, and I know how your heart must just feel like it's going to burst. I'm there - giving you a hug, a shoulder to cry on - and hope that this WILL BE the visit that finds THE ONE THING that helps our little Ally.

    You hang on to my hug when you feel like it -
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    Hugs to the family from Cyber Auntie Susie!I am glad this hospital seems like it will DO something.

    I know it may seem cruel to put her in a situation that will stress her, but it is the ONLY way the staff will SEE the problems and then be able to start to really help. When my difficult child was in the psychiatric hospital he received no real help until I triggered him. It was a rough time, but it got him the kinds of help he needed.

    I know it is hard, Hugs to your mommyheart!

    Merry Christmas,

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    Good. I'm glad she'll be getting and EEG and an MRI. I feel they should be ordered any time there are seizures...whether they feel its pseudo seizures or not.

    Its also good that they want to see what she does when stressed and I understand that no one is trying to be cruel but want to be able to see what you see. When my daughter has been at the hospital, they try as hard as possible NOT to stress her and discourage us from trying to get her to act normally because if she "does her thing", they can't say she's stable. And usually thats what they just send her home :rolleyes:

    Its also good to hear that they want to really give a look at her evaluations and address the fact that she's kind of staying in the same place so to speak. My daughter's IQ dropped 12 points(I think it was either 12 or 15) in the last 5 years and NO ONE seems to be all that interested in addressing it.

    Christmas at the hosptial must have been a bit of a bummer but I hope she took it well. So sorry that she is having all this trouble. (((((hugs)))))
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    Sending good thoughts for all of you.