Angel Sent to my home today!!(I hope)

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by gwenny, Feb 26, 2009.

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    Ok, so yesterday was HORRIBLE, husband got home and there was talking, yelling and all the good stuff. Well I said to him I do not feel safe with difficult child in our home and he needs to find a long term care facility that can help him. I also said I am not going to allow this to happen in our home anymore. There is no more excuses for you or him. Of course I was told like usual I am doing everything I can---I than got really angry and said what is it that your doing???? I make all the calls and do all dr appts and just fill you in on what is going on. I just let you know when you need to be there.. (he didnt like that). This went on until 230 am, I'm tiredddddd..

    So the phone rang this morning and it was a woman Cindy who said she was assigned to our difficult child and wanted to schedule in home counseling. I than broke down and told her what happened yesterday. She than said she was going to call the supervisor and call me back. not even 5 minutes later she called and stated she could be at my home in 5-7 min's. I said come on over. She got here and had us both sit down and I had already filled her in on yesterday and she read the paperwork we went over at the intake.

    She asked difficult child what happened yesterday and he said she did this and she did that and so on. She stopped him right in the middle and said you sound like you have excuse syndrome where you just have an excuse for everything. Also she let him know because there is another child in the home it is her job to keep all kids safe and if she has to remove him from the home she will. She stated that her cell is on until 7pm and after that she gave me a 800 number to call the crisis team who will call sherriff and they will come out to evaluate the situation and make the determination as to removing him and placing him in a group home, LTC, or Juvinle facility.

    She is a gay woman so I feel confident that she can help with his sexual identity problems which is so wonderful. She also asked if he was diagnosis with personality disorder and I told her what previous doctor's told me, that he couldnt have antisocial personality disorder until 18. She said no we call it Antisocial personality emerging.

    So she told him a couple of things to do before next week, and if we have any problems she lives right across the road from us.(how pleased I was with this) and will not hesitate to come over. She also stated she is bringing the supervisor with her to evaluate what more they can do for us, maybe 4-5 days of counseling or long term care.

    I walked her out and asked her if she thought he heard anything she said and her response was absoultey not. he was just yesing her to death. Thank you lord for sending this woman our way as we can truly use someone on our side.

    I feel better knowing she is right here and there is a crisis team on standby 24/7.

    Keep your fingers crossed all goes well.
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    Just having someone listen to your concerns and begin to work on a plan is a huge weight lifted from your shoulders. Fingers and toes crossed for a great beginning.
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    Who assigned Cindy to you? Who is her employer (in general, ie, school, courts, etc...not the real name).

    (And how can I get a Cindy?)
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    I just made a name cindy up as not to confuse the he and she. She was assigned to us through the state mental health insurance. We were instructed to do an intake and would get a counselor and new pysch for medications and respite care.
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    She sounds GREAT... and just what you and difficult child (and husband) need. YAY!
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    Fabulous *fabulous* news. And I have to tell you, the fact that she got that difficult child was just "yes-dearing" her? I think that is an extremely promising sign. She's not going to be manipulated by him. In my experience, most therapists have to get burned by my difficult child a couple of times before it sinks in that he's just full of it. ;)

    Phew - I'm so relieved for you. What a great resource for you guys!