Another "Family" member with cancer...

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    Well my Stepmom,(who is no longer with my Father, but we remain very close) came to visit friends up here in Idaho, from California. She came with her Mom. We spent Sunday together, she thought her Mom was having seizures, or beginning stages of dementia... We had a really nice time. Her Mom has always been a super sweet lady, despite a very tough life. My stepmom's Dad was cheating most of their marriage, one of her sister's was in and out mental institutions, she finally committed suicide, another sister overdosed on cocaine and ran her car into a tree on purpose, one of her brother's is in prison for molesting a child... and she was with my father for 13 or so years!!!

    She just got results back for her Mom, she has a serious Brain Tumor causing a lot of swelling. they don't feel they can do anything at this point except help with the swelling. They are giving her a year at the most...
    I feel so bad for my Stepmom. Her whole family, they have suffered so much.
    My Aunt just found out she is dying of a brain tumor also...

    My Grandma died the same year my Mom did, of a brain tumor... when I was 9. Can I please be done with these things??? I feel so bad for all of these people it is such a horrible way to go... it makes me feel so helpless... :sad:
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    That is so sad. I hope she doesn't suffer too much with this. Keeping the swelling down will probably do more than anything else to give her quality of life.

    We have a TV program over here called "RPA", reality TV. It's set in one of Sydney's big teaching hospitals (where I had all my kids). On the TV show we get to see the doctors at work and follow patients through their admission, treatment and discharge. There have been some amazing cases where you really wonder, is it worth them trying to do anything? Then you see the result, and you can see that it was worthwhile. One doctor in particular has stood out in this series - a neurosurgeon, his manner so gentle and kind as he talked through the options with his cancer patients. He dealt with other problems too, but cancers which involved the nervous system were his department. The episodes dealing with a young woman with an appallingly large NF tumour were harrowing, until you saw her walk out of there.

    Then this doctor became a patient. It was totally unexpected but he asked that his story be included. It has been amazing watching the whole process for him, as he discovered he also had a brain tumour. He will never practice again but still contributes in other ways. They even did a special episode, just on him and all the people he's helped over the years, as well as how he's going now. A much loved man.

    Cancer strikes where it will. We can never find a "why" because generally, there is no answer. All we can do with life is roll with the punches. And a person is always living, every minute, every second they're breathing and their heart's beating. Dying is still a process of living.

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    I can feel your pain. husband's grandmother had a mini-stroke a couple of weeks ago. They told the family they would stabilize her and most likely send her home within a few days. A few days went by and then the family was told she had lesions on her brain, a huge inoperable mass on her lung and one on her breast as well as lesions on her liver. She's not expected to live more than a few months.

    I'm sorry about your aunt and your step mom's mom.
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    I'm so sorry the family has to go thru yet another blow. :frown: Hopefully the docs are able to keep her as comfortable as possible.

    Sending warm hugs. :flower:
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    Oh my thoughts are with you, I am so sorry.

    It sounds like your step gma has what my dad has, a glioma blastoma? He presented suddenly with a grand mal seizure, and when they did a c-scan, they found the tumor. Usually these patients have a very short time to live. They are doing radiation and chemo on my dad, and he is actually doing better than expected, so you never know, what the ol body can do.

    I will keep your family in my thoughts...........
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    I'm so sorry! I will keep your family in my prayers!
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    I'm very sorry-sending prayers your way.