Another Hit and run!!

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    Sorry to have been away for a couple of days. Just been feeling yucky.

    Jess and I talked about 9:05 this am and then I was trying to get some things done and she was going to take a short walk outside around the yard with the cat (Morgan likes to have someone go outside with him) and then get some sleep because she was up all night with muscle spasms so it felt like each muscle in her back and neck and arms was like iron.

    At 10:25 I hear "MOM" in that tone that means something is seriously wrong. I went running and she was laying on the floor half in the house and half on the porch. She had dirt and gravel and bits of grass stuck to her legs, face, in her hair, all over her clothes.

    Right after she went outside she saw a car weaving down the road literally swerving all over. She made sure she was in our driveway a bit back from the road. We live in the country and the kids seem to love to drive fast and swerve back and forth on our gravel road.

    The car pulled in the drive to turn around and hit her head on. Not going fast, but they hit her and it spun her and knocked her down. She saw that they looked about her age or a little older (she has quite a few friends who are already driving so she knows what a teen about her age looks like).

    One of the boys got out of the car and asked if she was okay but she couldn't answer. She has had allergy problems and off and on laryngitis for a week now (thank you is LOVINg her lack of voice in the way only a little bro can!). The boy who got out said "Oh my G-D!" and they drove away with her lying in the gravel!! She got over onto the grass and scooted to the house on her tushie.

    She lost about 30 min of time after they hit her. She said she blacked out - meanin g her vision faded to black and the next thing she knew she was still on the gravel. Just from the timeline she was out there for almost 45 min after being hit - we think it took her about 10 min to get to the house because she couldn't stand.

    I called the cops and ambulance and we went to the ER. As we waited for the ambulance she used baby wipes to get the gravel and dirt off and she brushed it out of her hair.

    so the ER doctor takes a short look, orders knee xrays because she has a hard time standing because her knees are sore and swollen like grapefruits then says we can go and would I please step outside a minute. He proceeds to tell me she is too clean and has no bruising so she is making it up and it is a serious matter to file a false police report.

    I was furious!! I told him that she did NOT make it up and we left it at that. If I had left her lying there with dirt all over her he might have not said that, but I doubt even that would convince him that she wasn't making it up.

    We are home, she is going to take a nap. In a week when the bruises show up I am going to take photos and drive them to the ER doctor and shove them down his throat while I plant my croc up his ***.

    My mom met us there and she could see the bruises starting and the clear and obvious swelling on her knees. She is going to sport a lovely bruise on her right cheek also, though it didn't get cut up.

    Why is it that any female with a problem that isn't blinking like a neon sign is "telling stories" or making things up if the doctor can't see it right away?

    If Jess were a boy she would have gotten ace bandages, a knee brace, and pain medications with codeine. But she is a girl so they took 2 xrays and gave her 3 regular strength tylenol. Double standards hoover!! And make me furious!

    She got a partial license plate but they won't search by that in our state. Unless you have the FULL plate they will NOT search for the vehicle at all. Heck, they didn't even write out any report - they gave me a piece of paper to fill out at home with whatever info I wanted to put on it.

    I am thankful she is not badly injured. The boys in the car probably only had temporary licenses and didn't have a driver who was over 21 in the car with them so they didn't want to stop. As they were turning around in our driveway they were not going very fast (you just cannot go fast on our driveway). We get about 5 or 6 people a week turning around in our drive or the neighbors and as far out as we are the kids like to "play" and drive with-o licenses, swerve all over, etc....

    Hugs to all, am going to sleep because the stress of all of this has my back and head screaming. Sorry to have been away for the last few days.
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    I am thankful that Jess is OK -

    but FURIOUS at the way she was treated in the ER!!!!

    What is wrong with the doctors in your area????

    Perhaps you can find that car some other way...there's gotta be something you can do...
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    OMG Sus what an awful experience for your daughter and you. So glad your Jess is okay. Can't believe ER treated you all like that...literally insult to injury.

    It is wonderful to see you again Susie but sure sorry it had to be this way...under these circumstances.
    Gentle hugs,
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    I am glad Jess is OK, but that ER doctor? Needs more than your croc up his rear. Of course, hon, it wouldn't fit anyway - because his head's already there.

    The whole "cry wolf" thing is due to too many people doing it. In our area, it's exactly the opposite, women always are telling the truth and men are always liars.

    HUGS - but very gentle ones - to both of you.
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    Since when is it ok to hit a person and just take off? Doesn't matter if she was seriously injured or not. I'd be looking up an interested reporter. This has got to stop already.

    Glad she wasn't seriously hurt...........but at this rate the girl is going to be rightfully terrified to walk out the front door.

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    How scary...glad she isn't seriously hurt. Hugs to you both.
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    OMG Susie, I am so glad she is OK... How traumatic for Jess ... I hope those kids conscience never stops bothering them and the ER doctor too (je*k!)
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    Thanks all. It was one awful morning. If I never hear one of my kids call out for me in that tone of voice again it would please me greatly. You know the one - the one that sends your heart hammering and makes you able to outrun almost anyone.

    Oh - I forgot to tell you the doctor's other reason for thinking she was making it up. It couldn't be true because it was a school day and every single student or person old enough to drive but young enough for Jess to think they were in their late teens was in school. I guess in his little world no one skips school on a beautiful spring morning and no one goes out for a joyride on a country road.

    Idiot. Even the state trooper thought it was likely some kid out for a joyride.

    I wish there was some way to get docs to realize that just because it doesn't happen around them doesn't mean it is something that a person made up for attention. I am getting a bit worried that Jess will not be able to trust a doctor for much of anything. Medical issues often require the patient and doctor to work closely together and if she can't or won't trust them it could make things very difficult for her. Of course it would be nice to have a doctor who could actually deserve her trust, wouldn't it? I have good feelings about the new family care doctor and his PA, but we have only seen him a time or two, so I don't know yet.

    What I cannot figure out is why the officer couldn't search the database for partial plates. Yeah, you get more than one result, but so what? it seems like easy, basic programming to set things up to accept wildcards in the system.
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    OMG, Susie, how awful! And that idiot in the ER--I am sitting here sputtering.
    What IS IT with-people in ERs lately?
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    OMG - unbelievable. Was her head OK? If she blacked out, I would hope they would have checked for a concussion. There are just no works in my vocab for the doctors response - I think I would have gone A-Wall on him - you might have had to lock me up!!! Unbelievable!!!!
    Give her BIG hugs, and you the same. So sorry.
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    I'm glad that Jess got to the ER in time and was checked out, with no major problems as of yet. I do understand where you frustration level is. Completely. This will be Dude's 5th hit and run - including one city bus that demolished his bicycle and just kept on going. He does have an atty. and there is a case that is being investigated as there are video tapes. I'm to the point now where we are considering having our entire property videoed. I know it sounds crazy but I get SOOOOO tired of talking to police and dog officers, and trash officers, and road crews that say "Well (whine) if you had just got it on tape - AS IF I stand in my dirt road with a camera begging people to toss out dead dogs, trash or hit me, steal from me or drive across my yard tossing out 1/2 dead animals. Of course everyone does that.

    Maybe it's time to look into that. As far as the ER doctor? At the point he said "She doesn't look blah blah blah?" I would have marched out to my car - grabbed all my baby wipes, gravel and came back in and handed it to him and said WHAT THE HELL DO YOU CALL THIS?" As far as going back with pictures? I wouldn't - he's such an ass he's liable to say you beat her just to prove a point.

    Sending hugs to you and my J -
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    I was surprised by how calm I was with him. Of course, I had come in the ambulance with her (a parent must accompany a minor esp if it is a teenage female minor and a male ambulance person - for everyone's protection) and the wipes were at home. I have NO doubt that she did not make it up. I heard the car in the drive, even the door slamming as I was by a window. We get people pulling in to turn around - our road curves around into a U but the road it connects to is horribly pot-holed and ours is kept up because we pay a fee and get it repaird every couple of months. So they drive on the gravel, swerving and playing around cause I guess it is fun to a teen to swerve and weave on a gravel road with a big hill (big for the area, not big for real - it is pretty flat out here) then they turn in one of the drives at this end and go back up the hill. with-o a fairly high sitting vehicle you almost cannot travel the other road ours curves into.

    No way the doctor would nknow that. I just wanted to get away from him. He is one of the reasons our ER is so horrible - years ago I almost killed him for trying to tell me that it was OK to give then 1yo Jess augmentin when it had almost killed her a couple months before. We were visiting and she got sick and he was working the walk-in clinic then. He fought with me over giving her augmentin for a good 10 min, then left us in the room for an hour to see if I would "be reasonable" and agree to "just try it" and then stop it if she had a problem. Poor kid almost died from a single dose of augmentin but the guy still thought she should take it.

    She is in a great deal of pain today. Just lays there with tears streaming down her face and bags of frozen peas on her legs and back. Her face is beginning to show quite a bruise on the right cheek and her legs are starting to show bruises. Both knees are the size of large grapefruit.

    I am back to the "no ER visits" policy. I thought they had gotten better after how well I was treated there. I guess they are just not there for kids. Hopefully she will start to hurt less in a day or two. husband had to help her to the toilet because she can hardly put weight on her knees even with crutches.