Another job lead for husband...

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  1. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    The "perfect" job opportunity that came up about a month ago is apparently not yet a viable option since they would not be hiring for husband's position until the director for the group is hired. husband was trying to find a candidate from his contacts to see if he could move the process along, but to date nothing has happened.

    Another job that a headhunter contacted him about, that he turned down because of the commute, is now being reconsidered because a former associate of husband's works there and called him personally about it. The commute is still a concern as it's nearly 60 miles each way -- and in L.A. traffic it would be close to 2 hours each way. The salary is still a lot lower than what we were hoping for, but it's close enough that if I get just about any job to supplement it, we'd probably be able to breathe easy enough.

    The way I figure it, he should probably take this and just continue to keep his eyes open for something better. He hesistates taking this with a "temporary" attitude because of the relationship he has with the guy, and I can understand that. There are also some other options he's heard about at one of the major utility companies here, so he may look into those as well.

    In the mean time, he's going to meet the guy for lunch next week, check out the commute and give it some more consideration.

    So things are looking more hopeful... maybe by January he'll be gainfully employed again :)
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    Well, if it's a job that has a lot of potential and he thinks he would like it, what about taking it and if it turns out to be as good as it sounds, how about moving closer to the job- say next summer?
  3. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Oh, none of us want to even consider moving anywhere else. We love where we live, we've added on to give us the indoor space we need, the schools are great here and it would be too disruptive (in my humble opinion) to the kids to pull them from their schools now. No, moving is not an option at this point. Of course, things can change, but where things stand today, we'll do whatever we have to do to stay put.

    I think he should consider it and if he ends up taking it, just keep is eyes open for other opportunities that might come up. And they're bound to. Plus, he's eligible to go back to his old employer after next July -- provided he'd want to... but their pay and benefits were so amazingly great. Hmmm... maybe I should apply there! :)
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    I hope hope hope he gets something soon.
    Then you can stop changing your Avatar to funny job ones!!!
    Maybe more chicky ones?