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    I'm going to have to unload some of this before it takes me over but I'll have to do it gradually because boss has been so fickle this week, I can't even absorb it all enough to post it all at one time.Today alone- here's what happened:

    A little background first- Boss had made issue to his others that we all should get to come in late if weather had the main property open late. He won that and told us all to come in when everyone else had to, even though we are contract employees. Yesterday, a man came by and said property would be opening 2 hours late today. Fine.

    Today, I come in a few mins before the 2 hour delay was over, thinking I'm arriving on time. I realized that the typical 9:00am Thurs. conference call was already in progress so I call in and join it. It's about us all having to get seecurity clearances for next contract this comp[any is going after- I wasn't shocked because I'd already heard about that from boss and client's rep.

    After phone call, boss gets on phone with someone else. I read letter just emailed to me from private company I'm actually paid by and work for, technically. The letter says I have to sign agreement to get security clearance so they can set me up for the online application. But it also says that all people in the job position will have to have their clearance approved because job description is changing so if it isn't approved, their "position may be terminated".

    Now, my first issue & question about this is that, while it's one thing to say the person can't be on the next contract due to security requirements changing and I can understand that, it's an entirely different thing to change the job description in the course of a contract that is already underway then saying a person will be terminated if that can't meet the requirements of the new job description. So what I'm leading to about this- if my clearance doesn't get approved but boss knew when he hired me that I'd had one not go thru 18 mos ago and why, if they terminate me due to that when this wasn't a job requirement before, would I qualify for unemployment?

    Actually, I think it has a good chance of getting approved this time since I filed for BK to deal with the outstanding credit problems and haven't gotten anything on credit since then- it's my understanding they care more about outstanding debt than credit score.

    Next issue: Boss was still on phone after I read that letter so I went to security officer in building where I work, who I knew had access to online file on me that shows where I applied for a job and clearance 18 mos ago, and reason it was denied. He was real nice to me when I checked in this place to start work and we had chatted some about that previous employment attempt then. Today, I asked him how I should handle this, if it was possible to shorten some of this process by just updating previous application, and asked him how this whole process works when it's a private company trying to get clearances vs a government agency.

    He explained and said it would still be a government agent that makes final determination if it's approved. (TG! I'd never want anyone in this company making decisions like that.) And he said I needed to tell them about previous app, tell them I need my password reset, and then just update information (BK, address, work history) and note on the app about previous denial and what I've since done to address it. It might not get approved but it's reasonably hopeful. It also helps that I've been working there for a few months and haven't done anything rash yet.

    Security officer also said this sounded odd because it costs so much for just one clearance process and the way this company is going about it, they will have to foot the bill. (Client's rep told me last week that something didn't seem to be adding up right about all this for other reasons. Given that I had one in the past, I can whole-heartedly agree.) Anyway, he said since I'm already in the system, my process would go quicker and this should save the commpany some money.

    So, I go back to my desk, print letter, sign it, scan it, email it to company with a copy going to boss and include in my message that I am already in the online application system but need my password reset so I can update info.

    Boss gets off phone and I told him I had gone to security officer to get some info and had forwarded info to company and copied him. Boss goes OFF on me. First, he went off for speaking to security officer. (Hmmm....I think I can do that without boss's permission.) Boss was saying I should have come into office earlier and I'd had all those questions answered on conference call. I said "what questions?" He says "All your questions- why you shouldn't panic over applying for clearance, how to go about getting a clearance, what type of info you need to apply for one". (This is typical info most people want to know when applying for the first time but that was not my situation.) So I nicely said "those aren't the type of questions I asked him". Boss kept going off about why I'd pull these people into it- never mind that it's impossible to go thru this without these people ultimately being involved. And when it comes to me personally, they were involved along time before I'd ever even heard of this company.

    But I kept my cool and just quietly and timidly said to boss that he didn't even know what I'd asked the security officer. Boss then went off about why I wasn't there earlier. I reminded him about the 2 hour delay. He went off then because of conference calll- saying I knew it was important to be there for this particular one. I asked how I was supposed to know that (nicely- not sarcasticly). He said because of his email. We then had to spend 5 mins proving that I never got that email because he sent it to everyone EXCEPT me. Uh Huh.

    So then he calmed down enough to read the copied email saying that per security officer here, I'm already in application system and just need password reset so I can update and reapply and this should be much quicker and simpler for mine.

    Geez...what a horrible thing I did "to" this company, right? I'm positive there is NO WAY they could have known I was in that system already or thought to check and save themselves a little of the half a million dollars they are going to have to spend if they actually go thru with this on everyone just to GET a contract. Most companies would wait until they HAVE the contract and then the government agency pays for the clearance process- after all, they can't and won't actually approve a clearance until they know the person needs access to protected information- which are a couple of the points client's rep and I were mulling over last week. I'm not too sure this company knows as much as they think they do, but I could be wrong. It just seems odd.

    I'm not so sure how long I can deal with boss going off about people not asking questions, though, when he goes off about stuff like this before even asking a question himself- a question like what a person was really doing- instead of "why would you do that"- yelling, like it was stupid.
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    He is too annoying for me. I do not know how you keep your cool. I hope it all settles out in such a way that you work for someone other than him soon!
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    k, I had a supervisor like that. Now - keep in mind - when I first got this job (8 years ago in April), I filled out all the paperwork because as the boss's secretary it was necessary for me to have a Secret clearance. The contractor's security officer dropped the ball, told the boss I had a clearance, yada yada yada.

    2 years ago, everyone had to do paperwork for a recertification of their "Network Access Clearance". And it turned out - I didn't even have THAT! They went into my file and - NO PAPERWORK AT ALL! I kept copies, though. So for 6 years I had access, and admin rights in some cases to the network systems. OMG!!! Well, my NAC went through pretty quickly - same as others in my office. But I am the one who got reamed for not having a clearance, by said supervisor. Umm... Huh? (She's no longer with the company, so no more worries there.)

    Last summer, when I switched job classifications, I had to update because this one NEED a Secret. New security person much more on the ball.

    Hugs, hon. Oh yeah - understand 100% about that 2-hour-delay-maybe-maybe-not thing...
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    Is this the SAME idiot you have BEEN working for? (been outta the loop for a while)
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    I've been working for him for several months, yeah. But I'm coming to learn that this private company just isn't on the ball the way they should be- which is another reason I was a whole lot more comfortable getting my questions answered by someone "in the system", so to speak.

    Today, I get emails (several) from secretary of private company (owner's daughter, no less) saying she's my designated security officer and I don't already have a clearance and she can't get access to any online file for me because I didn't have one in the system anymore so I have to start all over just like everyone else. That came in bits in pieces, thru several emails, so I figure boss emailed her going off and twisting around why I went to security officer here. (I've heard him call and complain about others and twist things around a great deal so I wouldn't put this past him) Anyway, I nicely emailed her back and told her maybe I had been misinformed, I'll use the PW she gave me and go from there. Mind you, it was only a new password I needed anyway. And WHAMMO! I put the PW in and there are my OWN security questions that no one but me could have written, proving that my info was still in there and of course, it was. So I updated what I could from work then will finish as soon as I can locate my bankruptcy papers and get 1 or 2 references from this location and I'll be done. LOL!

    When all info sstarted showing up, I said "oh look, Boss, it really IS there!" (Much to his amazement.) Geez. He seems to be worried quite a bit about this clearance issue- for himself and some other people, too. I have been upfront with people so I don't have any anticipated surprises, whether it's approved or not. Actually, the secretary did do a nice thing for me- she looked to see what the outcome of last investigation said and it didn't say "denied" or unfavorable; it said dropped and transferred. That might be how they chose to log it in because at the time, I was weighing filing for BK with the odds of difficult child being released early and being allowed to leave state with me but PO held things up so long, I gave up and didn't get back to the security people there. I assumed they would have logged it in as denied because it wouldn't be approved without me taking action to address debt/credit problem, according to them.

    I can't help but wonder what will happen if it turns out that I'm approved this time but boss isn't. He doesn't have one right now either. A few people are sweating it and I think they might end up blowing it because they've never applied for one before and are listening to somewhat inexperienced people in this area and they very well might think they can hide or minimize previous issues. It's much better to be honest about it but I'm not so sure they will be.

    Boss wasn't too bad today but client's rep was there and boss won't flip out on me much when the rep is there. The rep has said he wants me on next contract to work directly for him and be in office most of the time instead of traveling so much. Yippee!
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    He will get his somehow. I just hope when he does you have a wall to hide behind, sounds like he will need to try to throw someone else under a bus when it happens. He is a piece of work!
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    Funny, BW- that phrase gets used a lot by people talking about boss. I think it's like this- you know the phrase about getting in a tangled web by lying then having to tell more lies? Boss sneaks, manipulates, and twists things so I honestly think he ends up having to get in deeper with that kind of behavior to cover up what he's already hidden, twists, etc. He is VERY anxiety ridden and obviously has some issues from childhood. He's popped out of the blue on more than one occasion saying "my father never accepted anything I did; nothing was ever good enough for him". It appears to me that the things boss flies off the handle and yells at people about are the "messages" he heard (or perceived he heard) a whole lot as a child. But that's my backseat psychiatric opinion. LOL! A whole lot of times he goes off saying 'why would you make a big deal out of this" then calls someone and complains about what the person did. Yet what the person did wasn't such a big deal- it's his reaction and action afterwards that turns into a chaotic, dramatic event.
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    You know I have my CDL now.......Maybe you can throw HIM under a semi-tractor I promise to miss him - just barely.

    I can't drive a bus yet. No passenger endorsement....
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    It sounds a bit like the problems I have been having with a local church-based committee. I've worked on these committees for over 15 years before we stopped in 2001 (thanks to post 9/11 insurance issues) and because this one woman got things started up again (she was never involved before - has no idea how to do it right), she has felt she 'owned' it all, when in fact all decisions have to be consensus. And any time someone disagrees with her, she sees it as a personal attack and then sends emails around saying we need to rise above our petty squabbles and be kind to one another (when nobody has been squabbling but her). Her last email was telling us to stop gossiping, when in fact SHE was the only one to tell tales. And they were not true tales, either. I'm just about done with her, but when I tried to walk away and resign, she never passed on the news of my resignation, she merely logged me in the minutes as sending my apologies for three months! So I am still stuck trying to clear the mess, and my name. And this time I won't walk away until it is sorted. Part of sorting it for me is calling it like it is, in writing, and then if I don't get consensus on the problems (ie if people respond to her by placating her as usual) then I WILL walk away.

    Again - I'm also dealing with a person who came from a dysfunctional background. She plays the 'hurt' card a lot, it gets her out of trouble. Just when the group is coming to a majority decision, she pouts and carries on with "you're making this personal, it's because you don't like me," and people end up giving in to her out of pity. Not any more! I've had it.

    The trouble is, people get into bad habits in childhood, and if they are never challenged, they keep doing it in adulthood. And they do collateral damage.

    I've realised through this process that I am a lot less tolerant, a lot less patient than I was a year ago.

    Our next meeting is supposed to be in the next week or so but I don't think it is happening. I am going to push for a meeting in the next few weeks if nothing happens soon.

    The problem is - certain dysfunctional types often work their way to positions of responsibility. And when they do, their capacity to hurt people and businesses greatly increases. They are able to do a lot more damage, and especially if they are in CYA mode, a lot more people get hurt. But eventually truth will out, the axe will fall and they will get theirs.

    Any news about that job ad you saw?

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    LOL, Star! I'll keep that as a back up plan- in the meantime, if you want a little more practice driving that thing feel free to visit this area and I'll tell you where boss lives. (JK)

    Marg, that does sound exactly the same kind of manipulation and I whole-heartedly agree that some never break learned patterns from childhood. That's what I am referring to sometimes on others' threads in General when I say "not intentional, but 'learned' manipulation". I think they can start it when they are too young to realize it's manipulation but if it works, they keep using it and it does become much worse as adults if they are never able to open there eyes and see it for what it is and care enough to want to change those patterns. That has a lot to do with my stance with difficult child in some areas- I will not let him perceieve it as working now because I hate to think what kind of husband, parent, etc, he'd end upo being someday if he matured thinking this worked and was acceptable. My mother is a prime example.

    That previous job ad- I think it was a scam or risky in some way- I emailed expressing interest but caution due to website so nicely asked for the company name and alternate email addy. I rec'd a message back with no company name and what looked like a personal email addy so I let it go. I figure any legitimate company would either give the name or at least explain that due to "current employment changes underway" they would prefer not to make it known and still provide something that looked professional and legitimate.