Another reason I think he might be using again...


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In addition to the red flags of his extremely poor decisions and his animosity and hostility towards me, he's been staying up until 6 and 7 in the morning. I have trouble sleeping the whole night without waking up once or twice, and sometimes if I can't get back to sleep right away I'll get on Facebook for a little while and either see him on my active contacts list or the next day I will see something he posted at those times. I know he's not getting up at 6 or 7, because he's never been an early morning person. And the only reason I can think of that he's up until those hours is that he's using. He also seems to be falling back into his drug-induced "I can hear people from blocks away talking about me...the FBI/Police/Other law enforcement agency is tailing me" paranoia. I pray I'm wrong, but I'm afraid that I'm right.


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I believed it when Kay said "I'm clean!"

She said that often and I wanted to believe her so I did. Until she got a DUI or arrested (we paid for lawyers), or called without making sense or Lee called telling me she was high and wouldn't take care of the baby (baby is now in safe hands).

Now I just assume she is using. it's not like addicts ever utter the truth. I don't guess anymore. I will never know what she does and I dont.need to know. All it does is hurt. I can do nothing.

Love and hugs!!!