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Social worker at difficult child's school told me that difficult child knows when she is in the room that she is observing him. (I don't think that matters because if he is going to lose it, it wouldn't matter who was there). Social Worker told me she was going to have the teachers observe and submit information to her.

Well, I informed her that many of the teachers have issues with him. He has made a reputation and seems to just keep it going. Most of the teachers have issues with him. I told her I didn't think it would be a fair assessment. I shared with her some of the comments that difficult child has told me.

She just sent an email and admitted that if teachers did the assessment it may be one sided. She suggested she have some colleagues that work at different schools come and observe.

When difficult child was in 5th grade (worst teacher/difficult child ever saw) There was an aid in the class for a semester. We were given permission slips that the class was going to be video taped for this teacher aid's graduation. Well...teacher and difficult child got into it and teacher told difficult child that the class wasn't being video taped HE was. difficult child lost it. So, I informed SW that if there is a stranger in the room, I think he will assume they are watching him. Very rarely do they have visitors in the class.

So, she asked if I had any idea's about how to assess him.

in my opinion - he will do what he will do regardless of whether she is there or not. Stranger may be different, he knows her.


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In the case of my difficult child, if there is someone new in the room observing, he will be on good behavior most of the time. If there is someone he is familiar with, even though he knows they are there to observe him, he will act more naturally.

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I'm sorry - out of ideas for FBAs. Maybe if there were a succession of several days of observation your difficult child would begin to believe the observer is just part of the scenery.


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Perhaps they could already be in one of his "specials" classes like library, art, music, pe, etc., when he walks in. The teacher could introduce her as someone observing him/her to make sure they are doing there job. That way difficult child won't feel he is being spied on.


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I like LDM's suggestion-if he thinks someone is there for another reason he won't be as on guard.