Anybody got a "really free" search engine?

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    I try to get info over the internet, sometimes just a phone number of a private person or a public company and when I search yellow/white pages it doesn't show up. They always have listed these "free" search sites which say search for free. Well, when you get there the search is free, you just have to pay for results....yeah.....just bums me out. I know most states have offender websites, but I'm not looking for that. I have a person whom I know the town where they live and just wanted to find the address. This is not someone who has a criminal background or is in hiding, but just can't find a public listing of the address. I am assuming this is because I don't know where to look or it isn't "online". The state is far across the country, so can't run into the county courthouse or look in the phone book, any "free", online ideas?

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    Do you already have the phone number or are you trying to find the phone number?

    If you already have the phone number you can just put the area code and number into Google and it will bring back the information. If it's an unlisted number or a cell phone number, it doesn't work though. I have several sites at work that I use but they all work off of a phone number.

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    I have names and cities where they live, what I was wanting was addresses or if they have remarried, married names and addresses. I'm not really trying to stalk, just curious as to their whereabouts. Don't really want their phone numbers as I could contact via email if needed. The problem is everyone wants money for what I feel should be an easy search available for free......Am I cheap or what? I don't want SS number or any really private info, just what would be available to a public file, like a marriage license. Does everyone want to make a buck on public info?