Anyone care to spare a prayer? Just a little one


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The stress is really getting to me this week and I am beginning to "notice" cigarettes again. It's been around 8 years since I
quit. I "know" all the reasons and I "know" all the solutions.
:hammer: Yes, I'm a "know it all".

Perhaps a few cyber prayers will reinforce my knowledge and prevent me from taking one drag...which will lead to one pack...
which will lead to a carton etc. Thanks. DDD


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May the force be with the force of strength and spirit of determination.

have a piece of chocolate and a cuppa.


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Prayers being said. Think of how disappointed you will be if you start up again. Get a squishy ball to knead (or put flour in a latex balloon). It really helps with the physical symptoms of stress. {{{Hugs}}}


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Just think of the pictures of lungs filled with the black goo of nicotine...

Do you want that to be your lung?


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I'm so glad I checked in here this morning.

:nonono: :nonono: :nonono:

Don't do it, D3!

OMG, I can sympathize, though. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't breathe IN when I walk out of a building where smokers are congregated. And there isn't a day that goes by that I don't find myself unconsciously pursing my lips in an imaginary "drag".

I miss it. :sad: Terribly :sad:

But I can't take that first puff or I'm sunk.

And so will you be.

Big hugs- I hear ya, sister!


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Don't do it. I haven't smoked in almost 19 years and I know if I picked up one today, I'd be smoking a pack a day by tomorrow.

Repeat after me:

I will not smoke
It won't solve the problems
I will not smoke
it won't solve the problems

Use the AA one day at a time. Whatever it takes.

Now go eat a big box of chocolate or something!!


Add my prayers and good thoughts. I never think about smoking, now twenty-something years after I quit, but I dream about it. WEIRD!

Chew gum, suck on hard candy, go shopping for something pretty that you would HATE to have smell like tobacco.


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I"m a new quitter, and I am having a hard time staying away from those things. I have a pack hidden in my car. So far I have only smoked a few a day, with a lot of days in between. But....I really don't want to quit! I know that I have too. I hate the smell.
Don't by a pack. Don't take a drag. Don't, Don't Don't!


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Three little words...DON'T DO IT!!!!! (((((Hugs)))) I totally understand. I had cravings for almost fifteen years and just recently thought about it after 30 years!!!!! And I only smoked regularly for about five years. Yikes. -RM


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I'm pigging out instead of smoking. It just "ain't the same".
It took me forever to quit before and LOTS of misery so I don't
want to face that again. Your support is helping but I'm not over the :censored2: of the stress.

Actually that is the big problem. My situation is such that I
will not be over the stress for years and I really thought that
by 2009 I would be close to free of the daily problems. Not having a light at the end of the tunnel makes it hard to keep
happy thoughts.

I'll have to resort my brain...again. Thanks for the help. DDD


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Just keep remembering what it was like to quit and never wanting to go through that again. That is what does it for me!!!


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:nonono: Coming in here late 'ole pal!


Did you hear me?

:smile: Stress is stress, it is what it is. We'll get past it. Thangs jest aint turnin' out like we planned. So we need to make adjustments and keep on movin' forward.....remember?

You can do it
put your mind to it

:smile: Sunny


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Hoping you don't go back to smoking. My mom's body literally stopped working little by little because of hardening of the arteries caused by smoking.

Her kidney was the first to have the blood flow stop to it and it shriveled. Then it was her gallbladder. Then she started with pains in her legs so bad that she could only walk about 10 steps and have to sit. Had to have a bypass done for her legs. The last was that she spent 6 months not being able to eat or drink because everything just went right through her. Special diets were not helping.

The doctors decided to do exploratory surgery to see what was wrong since tests didn't really confirm anything. Turns out that whenever they touched a part of her intestines, they would fall apart. There wasn't sufficient blood flow to there so everything was basically brittle.

She spent 3 months on a respirator, tubes everywhere, body swollen, kidney dialysis, and not being able to move any part of her body by herself. She could not communicate to anyone. It was a slow, painful death. It was torture for us to watch her waste away. Think of your family having to go through an experience like that. Unfortunately, she didn't have a living will.


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I also quit a long time ago. (about 20 years) and cigarettes still are appealing to me. I don't think about them a lot. But sometimes when I am near somebody who is smoking the cigarette looks and smells so darn good. I haven't given in to temptation and never will because I don't want to go through quitting again.

Like antsmom said:

May the force be with you!

Just say no. You can do it. :smile:


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DDD - I just saw this, hope you are still making it without picking up! That's what we say in the Program, "just don't pick up" :blush:

You know smoking will only INCREASE your stress, not take it away! Because then, you'll also have our good friend Guilt by your side! :hammer:

Do some Jumping Jacks or Stretches, something to deal with that stress when you're at the breaking point. :smile:



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Thanks. The "urge to splurge" has passed! Hooray!

Who knows when it will hit again but it has been a few years since I had a dream about me, myself and I AND a pack of cigarettes! Maybe it will be another couple of years.

on the other hand I am not prepared to start exercising and stop eating yet!


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lol DDD I know I have a winter tummy now and have to get on the ball the first nice day...but then again I do not feel like it. yet.


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Just make sure you come straight here next time you have that dream, or the urge.
I am sitting here at work and I just saw my next door office neighbor walk past my window to go out and smoke and it's 20 degrees and sleeting like crazy. That makes me really glad I don't smoke anymore :smile:

I know you aren't dealing with sleet, but think of the tornado or hurricane you could get caught in if you went out and smoked. LMAO!!


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Karen, I do take special note of all the employees who have to
smoke outside. Even in Florida it is inconvenient and there is
like a "hint" of shame that is transmitted when you see two or three people (especially hospital personnel) huddled outside a
doorway. I use it to reinforce my sobriety, so to speak.

on the other hand.......geez, there is a tad bit of sick envy too! DDD


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Just remember that when you smoke, cigarettes OWN you. I haven't quit yet, but I can tell you that I hate the restrictions cigarettes put on you! I'm standing outside my office building yesterday in the snow and the wind just so I could get my fix. It's just CRAZY! Don't do it...

I'm sorry things are so stressful right now. I wish I could help. Saying a prayer for you!