Anyone want to do a Net search for me?

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    As many of you know I'm just not that swift finding info on the computer. This is NOT important so only consider helping if you're bored or need a complete diversion from difficult child life. OK?

    My elderly husband did not have an easy life as a boy. His Mom died when he was six and he rather got bounced about until he was a teen. He has vivid (and not happy) memories of being left at "Sacred Heart" a New Orleans Boarding School that was run by Catholic priests who may have been called "The Brothers of ??"

    I found a "Sacred Heart" for girls in New Orleans but not for boys. The only other info he has from old memories is that it was near the Levee. In seach engines I have used "New Orleans" "Sacred Heart" "Boarding School for Boys" "1939-1948" (not sure what year or years he was there)and "Catholic Schools" and "Catholic Brothers".

    It is NOT of huge importance but personally I think it would be healing for him to see where he lived, or read something about where he lived or, sad to say, burned the place down. The boys were not treated kindly! Sigh! DDD
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    I just did some research on an orphange here in our city that just recently closed so I did some research. The only Sacret Heart Orphanage I could find in New Orleans was for girls:

    Sacred Heart Orphanage. 1944: Sacred Heart Orphan Asylum, 3400 Esplanade Ave.; a Catholic home for 72 children conducted by Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart. (In 1976 this address was used by the Cabrini High School.) 1933 census: Sacred Heart Orphanage, no address; for white girls. 1923census/1922: Sacred Heart Orphan Asylum, 3400 Esplanade Ave.; 110 orphan and destitute girls of Italian extraction; Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart; established in 1893.

    But I'm still checking.

    Lol now I see you already found that one...ok I'm still looking.
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    DDD, use the US census of 1940.
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    He was born in 1932 and his Mom died in 1938 in New Orleans. He does not remember (or share?) when he was enrolled in this stressful boarding school. I am quite sure it was between 1938 and 1942 and I think it was for one awful year...although it could have been two. We have been married for almost forty years and he's mentioned the "brothers" maybe four times. LOL..he is not a communicator. Would he show in a census as a juvenile? DDD
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    DDD, he should show up in the 1940 census, where ever he was when they did it. I have - if you want to pm me his full name and date of birth, I'll be glad to do a search and see if it can find him.
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    Thanks Donna, I sent the info to you. DDD
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    I thought that my husband was the only husband who claims to not remember his childhood and leave it at that.