Anyone work in Banking?


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We have a problem here.

As you probably know Cory stole a check from Billy, forged it and cashed it at the main branch of the bank Billy uses. In our opinion the bank really messed up because not only does the signature not look anything like Billys (including the spelling being wrong) but they called the number they had on file which is Jamies home phone and talked to Jamie and asked him about cashing the check and Jamie told them he seriously doubted if Billy had written the check but that they should call Billy themselves and gave them his cellphone number. THEY NEVER CALLED!

Obviously they questioned this check which meant they shouldnt have cashed it.

This bank has told us that they have an automatic thing where the signature card pops up to compare the signature when a check is cashed. that Billy has gone through all the hoops of contesting this check, signed the forgery affidavit, gone to the police department and pressed charges against his brother, had his bank account frozen and then closed and reopened, paid to get new checks and a new debit card, NOW>....NOW....they are telling him that they wont reimburse him for all the money that was stolen from him. They have piddled around for 45 days now. We have had to go down to the bank 6 times to fill out paperwork and ask questions. Its either they lost a paper or it was the wrong form or someone cant be reached or the guy who did the paperwork was new!

Now they are saying that because my son kept his checkbook in his room in an "unsecure" location that they cant reimburse all the money! Say what? How much more secure can one be that keeping your items than in your room with the door shut and the items hid? They werent left in Corys bedroom on his bed for gods sake! They were hid under Billys computer.

Now...can they do this?


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I don't care if the checks were left on Corey's desk with a pen next to them, they weren't his to write or cash!!! So what they are saying is if you don't lock your personal checks up, anyone can cash them and it's not their responsibility??? Then why does anyone have to sign a check or prove who they are. I have never heard anything so rediculous in my life.

I know nothing about banking rules, but I know that sounds like a bunch of cr*p.


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It is a bunch of bull hockey. The money is only a hundred bucks but when you only have a small amount of money and you dont have a job that is a lot of money. And we all know Cory isnt gonna pay him back.

Heck...if this was the way it was gonna be, we wouldnt have filed charges and forced him to go to work and pay his brother back! It would have been paid back before now undoubtedly. Without these charges hanging over him the working wouldnt be as big a problem. what a crock.

The bank told Billy from the beginning he was going to be paid back 100%. When this happened to Jamie and his ex wife wrote checks on his account they put the money back in his account in 3 days! All he had to do was sign the affidavit.

Billy said they told him that it made a difference because Cory lived in the same house. is that Billys fault? He kept his door closed and hid the checks. What more is he supposed to do? Hire a guard to watch his things?


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Most banks have a rule that once affidavits, etc are executed, all $$ except $50 will be refunded. The banks that I worked for were this way. I would go to a branch and ask for information on checking accounts, there is usually something in there regarding this. On most brochures is something pertaining to this and if not on a brochure, it should be on the agreement, See if Billy might accidentally have his original agreement-if he is like me, he doesn't. In any case, I would see what I can get in writing or just call someone at the branch and tell them you are interested in opening a checking account but you are comparing banks and want info. concerning fees, free checking, what happens in the event of theft, etc. You can tell them that you know of some banks who refund ALL money stolen after affidavits are executed. Be sure to get the person's name, date and time of the call-and then POW! You can hit 'em with a dispute if they tell you something different from what they are already stating. This sounds fishy to me!

Good Luck!


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They were willing to refund everything...until...they decided it was because Cory lived here.

That is bs. Im having a hissy fit with these people. They really dont want me to go postal on them. I will contact the banking commissioner and have them go after them.


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I don't see how it makes any difference where Cory lived! THEY were still extremely negligent in cashing this check in the first place, especially after they were advised not to! Signature didn't match and the name was spelled wrong? That should have given them a tiny little clue right there! Not too many people misspell their own names! How negligent can you get! If a stranger had broken into your home, stolen the checks, forged the signature, then cashed them ... would they still only be partially responsible? This is pure bull hockey!
And if THEIR employee who cashed the check was new, tough noogies! They are STILL responsible! So does it have to be the bank who files charges for the stolen check or Billy?

And forgive me for asking, but how did Cory manage to misspell his own brothers' name?!?!


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Well....Billy pressed charges through the police dept for something...I cant remember what at the moment. He went down to the police dept and filed a complaint. Then he took the police report to the bank and they added it to the forgery affidavit and said the bank would file charges.

Now somehow all this was supposed to combine to a charge of forgery and uttering. "Beats me"

Now...on how Cory managed to misspell his brothers Ok...Billys real name is William. Somehow when Cory wrote the name in cursive he wrote w i l l l i m. He also put the dots on top of the I's and Billy never does. Corys dots are little circles, not even pen pricks. The last name is even more obvious of a forgery. Its not even close to the same handwriting. Bad enough that he added an extra L to his brothers first name but he screwed up the S in the last name! Sigh. Granted they dont have the same last name but I have the same last name as

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I'd have Billie and Jamie go in to see someone high up in the bank, a manager, or someone higher. There is no reason for the kids to be told that their money would be returned only to be told later that it won't. It sounds to me they need to go to the top for real solid answers. Once they get the answer they need to get it in Writing, so someone else can't change their mind later.

Personally, I'd be making a major stink.... in front of other customers if necessary (loudly) til they followed thru on the original promise. Then have the kids high tail it to another bank as soon as they have their money. Banks work on reputation. I'd even threaten to give the local paper the heads up if need be.

My checkbook can be anywhere at any given time. There is no reason for someone to be expected to keep their checkbook locked up for Pete's sake. That is not only stupid but insane. The bank is trying to cover their fanny for cashing a check they KNEW was forged. Seems to me the public just might want to know the bank is this careless with it's customer's money.



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You are confusing the Billy' The Billy who had his check stolen is my oldest son. The other Billie is Jamies fiance. I know I know...confusing!

Jamie cant come down here with us because we live in two different states. It is odd that the bank called to verify that check and then when told there was a question on it still cashed it without contacting the owner of the account.

I can get Jamie to sign a notarized statement about the bank calling and what he told them however.

We just found the fraud affidavit Billy signed and it said that if he did x,y and z that he would be fully reimbursed. He has complied with their requests. He hasnt gone to court yet because no one has subpoenaed him. He will when they do. If they do. That is all up in the air of course. But he filed the police report and did everything else they asked and agreed to go to court.

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Oops! So I did get the Billy and Billie mixed up. :rofl: Can you tell it's been a looooong day??

If you have a lockbox or something, I'd lock up that paper and all concerned paperwork so it doesn't get lost. Make copies to take in to the bank. It's good that the paperwork was found stating they would give the money back. That ought to work in your favor.

husband and I had a bank that like to "play" with payroll checks that were automatically deposited. After the 3rd time of listening to excuses (lame at best) as to why his payroll check wasn't in our account when it had been deposited on time I got rather loudish with the bank manager about where the bleep was our money and what were they doing with all those direct deposit payroll checks anyway??? Got us our cash fast. husband and I closed our account and went to another bank. I know the bank got into trouble later for "losing" direct deposit payroll checks for up to TEN days. (some of the customers had to wait up to 6 months to get their money!)

Banks often forget that the average person lives hand to mouth. :grrr:

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Have a friend of a friend who had his checks forged by his home health aide. He got the same run around even after the aide was convicted and sentenced. Seems that it's standard operating procedure at some banks to act at first like they are going to replace the money, then they don't and essentially say "What are you going to do about it?" My friend's brother worked in the industry (a bank examiner or something like that) and he made things happen. I've heard of another case when it was on one of the news magazines like 60 Minutes.


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A really "nice" guy I dated... stole some checks from me and my credit cards. Loser. I reported it as soon as I found out... When my account was overdrawn!!! The check book was in my closet. I had to sign some papers and they contacted the stores he used the checks at, I was reimbursed pretty quick. I pressed charges also. Yes I dumped him!!!

Good luck- I think they are trying to s-c-r-ew- you...