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    In December when I got out of the hospital things were frantic around here with finances due to me being IN the hospital. I called my car loan place and asked them if I could do a deferment to put the December payment onto the back of my loan. I had never missed a payment or been late so they said yes. They sent me some papers to sign and send back to their office. I did this.

    Then in January, I called and made my normal payment on my normal 1-800 number that was in my payment book. No mention of any problem.

    In February, I called to make a payment and my 1-800 number in my payment book was disconnected! Now this is a major financial institution. I finally looked online in a panic and found a number for them in PA. I called and they told me the branch I had been dealing with had closed in mid December! So I made my payment and made note of this new number...but still no mention of any other problems.

    Now come March I get a bill in the mail with my remaining loan amount, monthly loan payment...and it says I am a month behind!

    I immediately call these people and pay my March bill...or what I claim is my March bill...and try explaining all of the above but they state that they are in the midst of changing offices again and I will need to talk to someone else about it. Their records dont show what is going on...maybe someone just didnt document my file from the southern office!

    So now I get a phone call from them again saying I am late with my March payment and I try to explain...oh the woman I need to talk to isnt in but I can make a payment if I'd like. No I wouldnt! I want to get to the bottom of this. Deferred means deferred. Im sorry, I am on a fixed income and I cant afford to fix this. If he had said no I would have s**cked it up somehow back in December but he said yes. The only real proof I have of this is there is a fee that they charge for the deferrment and I have that proof of payment. The papers that I sent back...well they have them..I failed to copy them...sigh...blame it on being just out of the hospital. I realized my mistake about a week after I sent them just how stupid that was. But I wasnt even driving then.
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    Janet -

    If it makes you feel any better - (probably not) but I forgot to pay my mortgage last month. No big deal - I was only 15 days late, but instead of a phone call or a mailed reminder - I got

    WE ARE STARTING FORCLOSURE PROCEEDINGS letter. So I (after calmed down) called the number they had listed on the mtg. statement. I was taking time off of lunch to do this on my pay by the minute cell phone. I kept getting Push 1, push 3, push 8.....then got a recording, and after it spoke it hung up. Try again. Same thing. Look on the internet for their number to talk to a live person - same number. Call information - as I've never had a problem BEFORE - so didn't have reason to have their number - NOPE - no number. Called another number to ask for the number I needed and it was a recording. Finally called another number and they gave me the same number I tried 1st. GRRRRRRr.

    Had to go back to work. Looked at the letter again = it's charging me $30.00 so that some ditz with a mounted camera can drive by my home and take a picture of my property.

    Finally next day get ahold of someone and ask if I can pay by check over the phone for faster service - SURE.....there is a $29.00 fee for that. Weighed that against tyring to OVERNIGHT a check which wouldn't be processed for a week - making me near 30 days past due - UGH - and decided $29 was fair vs. 23.00, gas, time, aggrivation. Then asked if there was ANY way I could please have that late fee waived I'm telling her I'm just making it and she said NO.

    No way- they don't cut late fees. Not for anyone. Sorry. I couldn't believe it - I've been late a day or two in the past from sending a check and it not clearing but never got charged - and I can't help it takes a week for them to get the check out of the mail box and process it. It seems that mortgage companies and lenders would be a tad more forgiving in these economic times - and say "Well at LEAST she's PAYING her mortgage." but nope - they had to have the extra $60 - 29 for processing and 29 because I forgot. If I get a chance to dump them as a mortgage company they are going.

    So not to make you dizzy or compare apples to oranges - I just thougth you would like to know that someone else that just DOES NOT GET IT.

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    These people should be thrilled with me. I will never be upside down on my loan with them because of the down payment I made. I only owe 5K on a car worth 10K. My payment due date the 5th of the month. The late date is the 15th. Normally I make my payment somewhere between the 3rd and the 5th because I get my disability on the 3rd. Occasionally I have to pay on the 6th because of the way the days fall when weekends happen and I simply get days mixed up. Like this month the 3rd is on Friday and if I dont get the payment made that day it will be Monday the 6th. And friday I have major errands like neuropsychologist testing!

    I am thinking of trying to shop my loan out to someplace like Citi Financial. They keep sending me letters telling me they want to lend me If they will beat my interest rate I may do it.
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    What a mess to deal with but as long as you can show them you paid the charge for the deferment, I can't see them not fixing things.............eventually.