As the world turns for gifts from God.......


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difficult child bought a camero on monday. (yes, there should be a law restricting ODD acting difficult children from owning sports cars!)

He quit his low paying construction job last week to begin his high paying job with old difficult child buddy ~ bad decision ~ I think he worked maybe 4 days until POOF that job disappeared.

So now he is working on an as needed basis with another man.

So back to the car. He has been king of the world since buying the car. All his problems are over he thinks....

My difficult child is a handsome guy, always has had girls drooling over him. Well, seems he upset an ex-girlfriend and while he was gone to work yesterday, this not so nice ex-girlfriend came by and keyed the side of his car. She also busted both the windshield and the side mirrors.

Can you imagine doing this to my "explosive" difficult child? She must be crazy! He ADORES this car!

My son shocked us all. He went to the police dept and filed charges. I can't use the word calm in describing how he handled it, he was outside with a bat beating my poor tree, but he has learned to get his aggression out.

He made the right decision, even in a cloud of anger, and I see that he is making progress.

He explained the whole process to me. Seems that time spent in jail has taught him a thing or two about how the legal system works. He didn't file a warrant. He said he left it open so he could change it at a later time. ( I didn't know you could do this) He was going to contact her with witnesses present and give her 2 weeks to pay for the damages. If she refused then he would proceed with the warrant. He said if he had her arrested now, she would be in jail and he would be left to fix the car himself.

Each day is an adventure with difficult children. Just maybe this will let him question what type of girl he is spending his time with.
This girl had been banned from my home mths ago. She tried many different ways to befriend my easy child so that she could gain info about my son after they stopped seeing each other.


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I had to totally son has a 1977 Camaro which had a brand new engine in it but he blew it within three months! Now he has a 1977 Camaro with-o an engine - lol...

My son too loves his stupid broken car.


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Janet, my Corey's is silver with shiny rims!

How he went from a truck to a hotrod camero with t-tops beats me.

Did I mention he was king of the world? Talk about a transformation


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That is really impressive, hearthope.


Maybe he really is learning to navigate through the world under his own steam.

I love it that he intends to see, or to discuss this with her, only with witnesses present.

The girl must have done this as an invitation back into tempestuous, chaotic, anger-based relationship. (Relationship doesn't have to be good to be a relationship, right? It's about attention and time and effort devoted to the other person ~ negative attention is still attention.)

And your difficult child was able to see and understand that dynamic for what it is.

And resist it.

There are many adults who would not have done so well.