Assessment for psychiatric hospital Tonite..ongoing

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    I have been reading and responding to others post for awhile, but have not posted my own update for quite a bit, but here goes.

    After months (since OCT) of dealing with difficult child decompensating and being at the brunt of it, I told SO the other day that I could not do this anymore and he had to do something. difficult child's therapist had suggested bringing difficult child in for an assessment to be IEA'd (involuntary emergency admission) to the psychiatric hospital for the last couple of months. But SO kept putting it off (wanted him to have CHristmas on the outside unlike last year, didn't want to spend 5 hours in the ER, etc). Well, SO arranged for biomom to meet him at the ER this evening to have difficult child *hopefully* committed. They wanted me there because I have the most info on his behaviors, but difficult child already takes EVERYTHING out on me. I explained that if I am there and he sees me being a part of this, in his mind I become THE reason he is put in the hospital. He'll be mad at his parents, sure, but those are his parents...he will eventually forgive them.

    I just called for an update and SO told me that they (the staff) are getting every thing in place for a commitment to the psychiatric hospital. He said that difficult child's power went out on his Nintendo DS while he was being assessed and difficult child had a complete rage about it in front of the assessment staff. THe on-call child psychologist, from difficult child's mental health center that he goes to, witnessed this and told SO that the incident pretty much made the difference between them letting him go home (!) and putting him in (which it sounds like they are doing). So, despite SO and biomom reporting things (dating back to OCT) like head banging, threatening to punch his 6 yr old sister, pushing her, extreme oppositional behavior to normal rules, angry outbursts, cruelty to animals, consistant lying, having to be physically escorted to his room for time outs, throwing things, destroying property, having full blown tantrums in public places, not being able to participate in his group MIMS, challenging authority on a daily basis, kicking the time out door at his therapeutic day school, etc., apparently it took them having to witness a rage over his gameboy to agree to admit him!

    This will be his 3rd admission since the age of 6. He clearly needs it, but this time around, every one else in the household needs a break from him.
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    Hugs to you tonight dear.

    OMG, I hope he gets some help and you can relax a bit with him in the hospital. I'm sure you need the break.

    You were smart not to go to the hospital. Let bio parents take him is the wisest choice, you definitely don't want to be labeled the troublemaker.

    Good luck to you and your family
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    Smart decision to stay away from the intake process. The other downside would be YOU being cited by staff as the REASON for his problems. That doesn't help anyone, least of all him!

    Glad they saw the rage. Glad you get a break. Take time to pamper yourself!
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    Hope this time he gets a few steps closer to longer-term stability! Enjoy the break and catch your breath!
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    I hope this stay will bring stability. I know it's difficult-many hugs.