Autism- Early Signs at 6 Months...

Discussion in 'General Parenting Archives' started by tiredmommy, May 3, 2005.

  1. tiredmommy

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    There's an article off of WebMd about a Canadian Study recognizing the signs of Autism as early as 6 months of age:

  2. Huntersmom

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    mmmmhhh, Now I see why autism was one of the things to be ruled out.
  3. dlp30

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    Very good article I sure hope that all of the pediatrician offices really listen to this and the other articles similar that are starting to come out. Knowing what I know now my son's autism should have been caught by the time he was 2. There were so many signs that pointed to it. Heck we even had him in speech therapy at 19 months and he exhibited many many autistic symptoms and they didn't even catch it. I was just told he is a little odd not once did someone go hmmm no eye contact, no social awareness, aloof, only cared about his interests, weirdest speech pattern that I have ever seen and quite a few more. I even had the music teacher come up to me last yr and ask if middle son could hear umm yeah just fine. Well he won't acknowledge me when I call his name. Yep he does the same thing to me.
  4. can'tstandit

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    Thanks TM, I wish I had this information years ago! I wouldn't have lost so many precious years without treatment!
  5. Stella Johnson

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    I read something like this in Parenting Magazine a while back.

  6. Hound dog

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    A good article! I recognize those markers in T as an infant. He was so different from his sisters.

    Now if pediatrician docs will just pay attention.
  7. Sheila

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    Good article. Thanks.
  8. Lori4ever

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    Sure hope that article helps many. I do hope Docs pay attention and give themselves more awareness.
  9. Marguerite

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    Thanks for the article - I'll send a copy of the link to difficult child 3's speech pathologist (she sends me articles, too).

    We could see something in him when he was under a year old. We had eye contact, we had smiles (maybe not many) but no language and no imitative play ("touch your nose, touch your mouth," etc). He WOULD imitate facial expressions - a game easy child 1 invented for him which taught him social skills before we knew he needed it! And his fascination for words, numbers, letters and music was obvious at six months or less. I can look back and see it in him from birth, virtually. There are some things babies are not supposed to be obsessed with! He was too young to be flicking his fingers in front of his face but flickering patterns such as sunlight through leaves on the tree would quiet him when he was crying - I first noticed this as soon as we brought him home from hospital - seven days old!
  10. ForeverSpring

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    Wow. One way to stop my son from his worst rage was for me to say the ABC's or count. He would freeze and almost stop breathing, he was so interested. His eye contact was and still if "iffy" and he seemed outwardly social, but parrellel played. Very interesting. i wish pediatricians learned more about autism. In spite of very late talking, delays, echolalia and headbanging, I kept getting pooh-poohed when I mentioned autism. Instead we got ADHD and bipolar (wrong diagnosis). Seems you need a specialist in autism to get the diagnosis. and it stinks. Good read!