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    Have any of you tried the Sriracha brand Hot Sauce? It is now sold with the other hot sauces in the big stores and it is wonderful!!!

    If you like super hot burns going in and coming out hot sauce, this is NOT for you. If you like the chili flavor as well as the heat, this one is awesome!

    It was mentioned as the next greatest thing to look for in 2010 by several top cooking magazines (Bon Apetit, I believe), and FINALLY hit our stores a month ago. At least the stores in our town, that is.

    It is NOT expensive (around $4 for 28 oz) and is sold in a PLASTIC bottle!! This may not be a big deal to some of you, but if you have a husband and 10 yo male easy child who LOVE the stuff and a tile floor in your kitchen, you have probably had to deal with a broken bottle or two (or they dump the nachos/baked potatos/spaghetti/vegetable soup on the floor in your unbreakable corelle that breaks every time it hits the tile, lol).

    I thought some of you might like it, or your families might, esp because unlike the super hot sauces it does NOT burn its way through your system. It has heat, but it mostly stays in your mouth.

    It didn't occur to me to post about it until I walked out to find husband and thank you watching tv sharing crackers with just this hot sauce on it!! No cheese, nothing but saltines and sriracha.

    IF many of you have already tried it, ignore this or add recipes using it that you like. If you are like me and pretty much stick to the same hot sauce because you have been overburned before, this is a good one to try, in my opinion.
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    We call it Rooster Sauce and have used it for over 15 years!!! I love it. I started using it when I cooked in restaurants. It is a cooks second hand man!!!
    We put it in our six-packs of sauce out on the tables at the bar I worked in.
    Did I mention I LOVE IT!!!
    It is awesome on eggs....
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    thank you likes to dip bacon in maple syrup or honey if we have pancakes or french toast. Last time we had bacon he put the sauce on it with a little bit of syrup and was in HEAVEN!!!