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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by ML, May 30, 2009.

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    Manster had a doctor apt this week and we talked about the weight issue. This is the GP, great guy. We've decided to do a chart for behavior modification and exercise. He will earn rewards for exercising which is a daily mandatory item and rewards for going from one meal to the next without snacks. I'm still trying to work out the details but was wondering if anyone has ideas for this, from what kind of supplies to ideas for rewards. I can use food as a reward but not all the time. Computer privelages for sure.

    I've done charts before and they work for a while but lose effectiveness, or maybe I become less consisent, I'm not really sure why they stop working but I think it's worth giving it a shot to get us jump started on healthy living.

    This could go in either general, Healthy Living OR WC. If mods want to move this please do.


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    Good morning, ML! I found that with my difficult child, using rewards worked much better than concentrating on consequences for not doing what he should- the consequence was NOT getting the reward. Have you talked to Manster to get his input on rewards? If he has a tendency to eat complusively, I'm not sure I'd use food as a reward at all.

    I used a system where difficult child had to earn his allowance. Everything expected from him during the week was assigned a value per each day and he got a checkmark for each day he completed each thing. At the end of the week, it was totaled up and that was his allowance for that week. This worked for us because difficult child was at an age where he expected his allowance- I told him I expected him to do certain things, too. Also, assaigning very low amounts to each daily expectation taught him how this might not seem like much, but it adds up. After a few weeks of $15 potential ending up to be an $8 allowance for the week, he got the point! (I had to learn not to gripe if he didn't do much that week but to let the low amount of money prove the point- otherwise difficult child rebelled.) I don't know if you could turn that into a help for Manster if eating and exercise habits are the concern. Oh- I also had a reward for bigger milestones- like if he met a certain requirement almost all the time (I didn't want to expect perfection) for a few months, I'd take him and a friend somehwere they wanted to go- to a movie or something special- or he could have a sleep-over.

    One thought I have on this- instead of requiring him to eat no ssnacks at all, have you considered saying he can have one morning and one afternoon snack but it has to be either yogurt or fruit, for instance? I'm not sure these growing boys can completely abstain from all snacks, LOL!~
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    Manster is 10 right? Well he should be about the right age for Manster bucks that can be turned in for rewards. Manster bucks are dollars made with his picture in the middle instead of the normal picture. Make them on the computer.

    Rewards can be computer time, tv, going to the park, library, fishing, time with mom doing what he wants, time with dad, etc. Also...if you can...get a wii. or maybe that can be a reward. rent a wii fit. or save up manster bucks to buy one!
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    I do agree that a mid morning and even a mid afternoon snack is important especially for active kids. These can be fruit or veggies or cheese and crackers. It is a good opportunity to teach healthy snack choices.

    A food reward would be to let him choose one healthy item for the side dish or appetizer (black olives, pickles) of the evening meal if he went all day without eating outside of designated times. If he earns that goal all week, he gets to choose the main dish of Sunday night's meal. Have him make a list of items he likes and then make sure they are on hand.

    I understand where Klmno is coming from as not to use food as an award. However, if you can keep this award within the healthy choices it could send the message that healthy is o.k. and maybe set up a habit of grabbing for those fruit and veggies instead of chips and cookies? Don't use those unhealthy choices as an award.

    I like the Manster bucks idea - it has an awesome ring to it "Manster Bucks". If you are unable to make them though, my difficult child enjoyed poker chips when he was 11 yrs old. Each color had a different value which helped him in practicing math skills.
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    I LOVE manster bucks. I can get them printed with his picture. Way cool. I like everyone's ideas. Thanks ladies xo