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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by luvmyottb, Apr 1, 2008.

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    I am keeping fingers crossed this morning that I don't receive a phone call from school. difficult child has not taken her Vyvanse in 2 weeks. She is much less irritable and angry without it. First day back from spring could be a recipe for disaster.

    But...she is still hyper and busy as a bee, but happier. So I decided to send her to school without and see what happens. She is making D's and F's in school taking the Vyvanse. I know it helps her concentrate, but she doesn't have any internal motivation to want to do well. She will say she knows she needs to do better in school and in the next breath completely forget about it. So in the moment!!! She just always says everything is too hard. She won't try or read directions-it takes time and you must slow down and work carefully. All the things she seems to be incapable or doesn't want to do.

    She had the flu 5 days before spring break, so she is going to have a ton of makeup work. I have a feeling it is going to be a long day.
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    Hi there.
    Depakote can cause cognitive dulling, therefore, even with a stimulant, it could actually be harder for her to learn. My daughter took Depakote when she was mistakenly diagnosed with bipolar. She was seventeen and refused to continue it, saying it "makes me stupid" "I can't think." This is something to consider as a possible reason for your child's fatigue, lack of motivation. My daughter was completely lethargic on it, at least mentally.
    Also, has your child seen a neuropsychologist? Has she ever been tested for learning disabilities? My youngest has some LDs and it IS harder for her to learn new things, even though she's bright. She has have extra help to get motivated sometimes. She's doing much better now, but she has had years of Learning Disability (LD) help, learning how to focus. She does not, however, have ADHD. Was your daughter exposed to drugs or alcohol while birthmother was pregnant? That can be problematic too.
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    Fingers crossed all goes well, the teacher eases everyone back into the swing of things and you get zero phone calls today!
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    I am sure Depakote dulls her down. husband and I have been considering a discussion with psychiatrist to pull her off medications and just see what we have with her. It's been 2 years since all the medications have been administered and quite frankly she was put on medications for school and we haven't seen that much improvement academically. I would like to see exactly what we have on our hands again and maybe just start over.

    No Learning Disability (LD) when testing was done in 2nd grade by neuropsychologist. We are in the process of new testing, so we will have results in the next 8 weeks or so.

    I wish she could adequately tell me how she feels inside. It's hard to get an answer out of her. Just not enough maturity yet to be able to know your own body well enough.