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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. susiestar

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    I need advice as this is a new situation for me.

    I bought tiles ad 3 plastic bins from the habitat for humanity store (awesome tiles - $10 per box of 15 tiles!!).

    The total was just under $45. It just showed up on my online statement for $95 !!!!!

    I am first going to the store. Can't stop the check as it has been paid.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to how to get this fixed?? This is NOT a place that does debit or credit, so cash back is NOT an option.

    We have what I guess are unusually honest merchants, so I haven't faced this problem before.

    But I am really upset, they took $50 from me. and, as usual, things are really tight!!! I was counting on that $$$ to buy tickets to the play and flowers for my little star.

    Any advice is appreciated.


  2. tiredmommy

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    Does your bank show a picture of the check online in your account? They may have read the numerals as 95 rather than 45, though they are supposed to process based on the written amount. Also ask to see the store's endorsement on the back, if possible.
  3. KTMom91

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    Does the check itself show $95 or $45? Can you get a print of the check? If the check was changed, that's one issue. If it's a keying error, that's another.
  4. Star*

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    I have no banking advice other than to go back to Habitat and tell them to CORRECT this. NOW. RIGHT NOW.

    I was thinking too that your 4 may have looked like a 9 to someone. My boss has attrotious handwriting....I have to constantly correct the bank and our statement which is a pain.

    As far as flowers - I would solicit some local flower shops and see if they would be willing to donate some stuff for the show for all the little girls to get small boquets. Or maybe put it on craigs list barter flowers for something.???

  5. Hopeless

    Hopeless ....Hopeful Now

    You need to call your bank to verify what the actual check shows. It was probably keyed into your bank system in error as $95, not $45. I have had this happen at my credit union and they were very helpful in getting it corrected quickly. Do you have duplicate checks, where you can see what you actually wrote the check for? Or do you have online account viewing, where you can see the original check? Check these two areas before you call your bank.
  6. DammitJanet

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    I was going to suggest viewing the check too. My online banking has the ability to view a check that was written to a vender. I cant view one that was cashed at my bank by me or someone else but I can go to the bank and they can pull it up without an issue. What I really am saying is that if I write a check to pay a bill then I can view the check online. If the check says Habitat for Humanity and reads $45 and the amount written in the line below is forty five and no cents dollars...then just go into your bank with a copy of that check and a copy of your online statement and show them that it was keyed in wrong. They will correct it.

    If someone altered your check that is another ball of wax but Im betting its a keying problem. People in accounting do see this from time to time.
  7. muttmeister

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    I've had that happen a couple of times: they misread what I had written and went by that instead of the words. Chances are that is what happened and if it is, it is the bank that will need to correct it. The couple of times it happened to me they fixed it with no problem.
  8. witzend

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    They're supposed to go by what you wrote in the words line, not the numbers line. Even if they don't match whatsoever. Go online and look at a copy of the check.

    Hopefully you still have the receipt and can get it straightened out without too much trouble?
  9. amazeofgrace

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    definatley sounds like a check encoding error, the bank never really reads what's written unless there's a ? about the amount and the check encoders typing in thousands of checks each evening while we're sleeping are prone to make mistakes. That is the only way if you used a check i could see them taking 95 instead of 45. Call your bank and submit an inquiry. they should then credit your account within 3 business days.
  10. Andy

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    I agree - Bank is your first stop. They will correct any error on their end.

    Then, if the bank insists and can show that it came through as 95, get a copy of the check, then go to the business - Do you still have your receipt showing the 45?

    If it appears that the check was tampered with, the bank will help with what steps to take. I can see where someone can also turn "forty-five" into "ninty-five".

    My instincts is that this is an honest mistake since you state businesses are honest.

    Make sure you let us know the outcome.