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according to ktbug it's against the law to NOT cook a hot dinner.

This started out as a request to help unload the dishwasher - not an unreasonable request, in my humble opinion. That little request brought on a meltdown of mega proportions.

ktbug kept screaming "I want dinner". I replied "give to get - help unload dishwasher & I can start dinner. You can always have a sandwich".

"It's against the law to not cook dinner, mom. I'm going to call the police!"

Handed the bug the phone & told her to have at it. That promptly stopped her in her tracks & she finished unloading the dishwasher. kt even make the salad for dinner. Afterward, she cleared the table, loaded the dishwasher then helped me in the yard.

by the way, husband got an apology - I've heard squat from the child. :hammer:

I love difficult children - they keep me on my toes. :warrior:

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You handled this perfectly! Sorry you didn't receive an apology but at least she did the work and made a salad!


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We went thru that once- policeman told difficult child that if he got a pb&j sandwich, that's all I was required to give him and he should be grateful to get it!


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Don't these kids just amaze you? My difficult child comes up with similiar ridiculous statements. No wonder we're all going looney-tune...


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Too funny. I would be hauled in a couple nights a week, if that were true. At least you got some help out of it. :wink:

I just told our little difficult child tonight that he was the biggest nag I ever met. He had karate practice from 6 - 7:30 and then we had to stay after to meet with the class Master, so we didn't get home til almost 8:00. difficult child asked if he could watch tv - I said that no, he should get ready for his shower and I would be up to turn the water on.

In the meantime, my neighbor had been watching for me to get home and gave me a quick call - then I was telling husband something. difficult child appeared on the stairs in his robe saying that he 'might as well have been watching tv' since I had kept him waiting.

And he calls me a nag!! Jeesh.
Huh. You're nicer than I am. I tell my cubs that the law just says I have to feed them; they don't have to like it. Princess easy child sometimes turns up her nose at the dinner and goes without, which is bizarre to me. Mind you, we put three foods on the table for dinner, so you think there would be something even she considers edible there. Guess I'd be wrong. :wink:


Oh, the drama!! I would have been tempted to make her a sandwich and pop it in the microwave. There's her hot dinner.

Linda, I'm going to hijack your thread a bit because this reminded me of a something easy child did. 3 or 4 years ago, easy child and I were goofing off. I had his football and I wasn't giving it back for whatever reason - just playing. He said he was going to call 911. I laughed and told him to go ahead - call 911 and report your mother for holding your football hostage. He pushed some numbers on the phone and then hung up and I just assumed he dialed 411 to "freak me out".

About 15 minutes later, easy child was upstairs and I was yelling (loudly) up to him to bring me the flashlight. All of a sudden there's a knock at the door. was the police. easy child HAD dialed 911, but hung up before it rang and didn't think the call went through. He got a nice lecture from the police officer - who, by the way, was trying very hard not to laugh. As was I. I don't think I've ever seen easy child go that pale before. :surprise:

I'm really glad that I was yelling loudly enough for someone out on the porch to hear my words, though, as she stood on the porch for a few minutes to scope out the situation. Had they broken down the door, noone would have been laughing.


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LOL gotta give her credit for trying! Did you also know that you have to give kids, rather FOSTER kids, an allowance because it's THE LAW. difficult child informed me of this one day while trying to get out of his allowance earning chores. Once I reminded him that he wasn't a foster child anymore (this was shortly after his adoption), he demanded to be switched back.

**shaking head** Such creativity put to such evil, evil purposes! lol


:rofl: Oh my. I don't cook at all when I work. husband is home or there is plenty of frozen dinners for difficult child to make when he is hungry. So funny.

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Good heavens! I would have been sent to jail years ago! Up until 2 years ago we had a sit down family dinner every night. The girls got older, started skipping dinners, had work schedules to follow, etc., and it fell by the wayside. Now difficult child groans when I tell her we're having dinner. I drink a shake nearly every night and H tells me not to bother with dinner except on the weekends so they are mostly fending for themselves these days.

You sure handled it well~


Good Lord, don't let husband and kt get together. I'll never hear the end of it!

He can't seem to grasp the thought of Lucky Charms for dinner, even while camping!