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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by weenie1, Sep 3, 2009.

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    I everyone, its been along while since I have been able to get on. difficult child 1 went to physic hospital in june stayed a week. Has been doing a lot better, the reason he went was that he tried to jump out of the school van cause he didnt want to go to school.

    He still has some problems but we are working through it. So far so good, He is going to an alternative school that is an hour away, the first week was pretty good but this week he has been in trouble. I am just hoping that once he settles in it will be better:angel3:

    difficult child 2 now she is another story,she is defient and we have put her on Depakote er, she has been on it for just a week so time will tell, every morning is a battle with her. Im at my wits end with her, I have tried every thing and nothing works.

    easy child started kindergarten this year, he is doing good no problems in the morning but he is defient again I think its monkey see monkey do. I had a rough summer but I did survive.

    husband has had several mild heart attacks, but so far he is back to normal. He has to have surgery on his neck and spine sometime this month, waiting on doctor to schedule it.

    We started our on business and so far doing decent. Only time will tell. As for me I found out that the cartlidge in my right ankle, I have to wear a brace the rest of my life. I also have the diabetic disease that causes your feet and leg to be amputated. I have accepted that within the next 10 years it will happen.

    We have 7 new puppies, they are chirats half chihuahua and half rat terrier.

    We sold our trailer in lone oak, and our house in denison and bought a house and 25 acres. I just love it here, at least something is happening. Well that is whats been going on her.
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    Yikes! Weenie1, what a lot has happened! And how much you've been through.
    I'm glad you were able to buy a house and all those acres. You must have saved up a lot through all the yrs, considering that you and your husband are not working (I'm assuming your profile is correct). What a thrill to have all that to look at every day.

    I've never heard of chihuahuas and rat terriers as a mix. I'll have to look them up online. :)
    Are you a professional breeder? Perhaps that's your occupation and I missed it. Because your profile says you have corgis, and those are your family pets, right?

    I hope that your daughter's medications kick in soon. I don't know anything about Depakote except what I have read here, so can't offer any info.
    But I can say that ADHD is not a good diagnosis for her defiance and other behaviors. You need a good, solid diagnosis. She's seeing a psychiatric, right?

    It's great that your son is doing better after being in the psychiatric hospital. Sounds like they got him on the right medication for now. When you heard about him trying to jump out of the van, you must have had a heart attack. Sometimes it has to get to that point, though, b4 other people see that there really is a problem, and to get serious help.

    So sorry about your health issues.

    Take care.
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    I posted before I changed my profile. We have just started our own business and so far so good. No I am not a breeder, my chihuahua went into heat and I didnt realize it til it was to late. But in a couple of weeks she is getting fixed.

    I know it takes time for depakote to get into your system but I am already seeing a difference. I just hope that it continues, she is on the lowest dose so only time will tell.
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    Ohh, okay. What sort of business do you have?

    I hope your husband feels better, and that all the medical procedures make him more comfortable and give him energy. I know several people with-heart conditions and they are just worn out all the time. :(

    I'm glad you can see a difference with-the Depakote. I hope things continue to improve.

    LOL about your cats' names! Walmart and Rabbit. Our dog is named Starbucks. :)