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Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by buddy, Nov 28, 2011.

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    Well, this is the big day.... Disability law person called last night to review some things. Sp ed coordintor knows she is coming. Law person said that she has collected several phone calls this week from this district and I gave her another, she is considering a group complaint because they are letting a particular group in Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) suffer through non individualized programs. It sounds like a mess. I pray the coordinator does not take her anger out on my son.

    Will update later.... send cyber and cosmic and heavenly support please.....
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    Pretzeling, rattling and praying! Go get 'em girl!!!!
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    Good luck! It's so hard to be that nice parent (like we are attempting to do) for fear that the SDs bad attitude will be reflected back onto the child if we aren't "compliant" and believe everything the SD says. As a person who sits in many IEP meetings for my job, and very contentious ones at that, even if the parents are way out of line (and that happens in our district a fair bit), we don't push back at the child. We do usually pay closer attention to ensure the IEP goals are extra closely monitored, minutes of service carefully performed, reports extremely carefully written, more emails between the IEP team members, etc. We are just more careful because we don't want the parents lurking in the bushes watching our every move as we work with the child (I've had that happen lots of times--I tell them that they are very welcome to observe, but would they please let the principal that they would like to).

    I hope you have a satisfying meeting. Break a leg!
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    Oh, you are getting all the good vibes I can come up with!!! :bigsmile: