Brain scans accurate at spotting autism - US study

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    Brain scans accurate at spotting autism - US study - Reuters

    U.S. researchers are closing in on an accurate test for autism, a finding that could lead to earlier diagnosis and treatment.

    The test, which uses conventional magnetic resonance imaging or MRI machines, detected 94 percent of individuals with a high-functioning form of autism, they reported on Thursday.

    "These results are the best yet in the search for a biological basis in terms of being able to distinguish those with and without the disease," said Nicholas Lange of Harvard Medical School, who directs the Neurostatistics Laboratory at McLean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts.

    "You don't need any fancy equipment. This is performed around the world," Lange said in a telephone interview.

    Lange said the findings should help make the process of diagnosing autism more scientific because it would rely on a test rather than a subjective assessment.