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    So as you know , difficult child is suppose to move in with my brother (the biggest difficult child I know). Well, it's 3:30 pm and he still hasn't answered difficult child phone call. This is typical of my brother. He makes offers and promises, and then he changes his mind. But wait, that's not the worst part. He will make it look like YOU did something wrong , create a situation, so this way he can say to everybody it's YOUR fault and he can BLAME you. I tell ya, I don't think anyone can begin to understand how angry that gets me. Now, I am not saying he is backing out of this promise, the day is not over yet, but I do get very concerned when he acts like this. The last thing I want him to do is create a situation to make it look like it was my difficult child's fault just because he can't keep his own promises. And he would find some way to blame me too even though I haven't said one word.

    Anyway, we shall see what happens tonight.
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    Ok, a little update. Finally got a hold of my brother, everything is good to go. Now it's my difficult child who is now the one hesitating. Of course she is not letting off that she is, but I can read her. She is procrastinating and saying "I'm going to feel awkward". However, I don't think awkward is the word she is looking for. It's more like "the kids are going to bother the sh*t out of me and it's going to drive me up a wall". Haha, I finally got the truth out of her when she said to me five minutes ago "I just don't want to be bothered". Imagine that? Those famous words I say all the time when she gets demanding. difficult child does not do well with kids at all, never has and probably never will. Thank God she has the wear with all to know she really never wants to have children. She insisted on getting the "Implanon" (injection birth control) early on in her teen years. It kind of saddens me though that she doesn't really like children though. I loved kids when I was younger. She is the complete opposite of me. If I were in her position, the kids would not bother me one bit, zero, but she feels differently. Anyway, if that's her biggest problem in life, then she should be thankful. She needs to be bothered a little bit in my opinion. It's funny though and I have to chuckle, her little cousins worships the ground she walks on and are probably on cloud 9 awaiting for her arrival with a red carpet ready to roll as we speak, literally which makes it that much harder for her. LOL LOL.

    Anyway, the clock ticks. She is now washing cloths and getting everything ready. I will update you all when she finally leaves or something happens before hand, lets hope not.
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    LOL It's amazing how it is fine for them to disrupt your life but Lord forbid something disrupt theirs.
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    Lmao, right!
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    I had to edit my initial post a bit. My spelling is still awful, please forgive.
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    Hopefully she will make the best of it. I would say you will know within a week if it's going to work or not. What is her back-up plan if things don't work out with your brother?
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    I am not sure but she doesn't have much of a choice.
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    I didn't want to start a new thread and clog the forum so I will just post on this one

    Sliver Sparrow has left. I repeat , Silver Sparrow has left and has safely landed at Purple Nugget.

    I'm sure you all can crack that code!

    Yes, my precious difficult child has left and now is at my brothers. Can't believe it happened. The good bye was emotional, she said she loved me very much and of course told her the same, however, we both know this break is something we both need. Now I can figure out my new living arrangements and she has somewhere safe to stay. It hasn't hit me yet, but thought I would let you all know.
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    Well, GM, I think the adage, "this is the first day of the rest of your life" would certainly apply here. There may be some emotional transitory feelings however, this is what you wanted and it happened......it seems that it is not only timely but necessary for both of you to move ahead with your own separate lives............and hopefully as time goes by, you can find new and healthier bridges to connect on. As Thanksgiving approaches, you really have a lot to be grateful for........wishing you peace GM, peace and a light heart, you deserve that........have a sweet, nourishing evening............enjoy.........
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