C suspended 10 days for fight

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    I am wondering if somebody can refresh the laws for me...

    My stepson just got suspended from school this afternoon. 10 days out-of-school suspension. There was a verbal altercation, which he turned physical punching a child 3x. I told the school "Thank you for giving him a vacation"... The incident is being investigated by the school officer who is also a town police officer as well.

    We have an IEP meeting scheduled on October 7th. That is the same day as his CHINS court date. C won't be able to be at the meeting, and neither will my husband because they will be at court. C's advocate, myself, and somebody from the DOE SBEA will be there though. The advocate is buddies with somebody from the DOE who went to C's last IEP meeting, because I told her how the SPED director/Superintendent was verbally abusive to me, but that is another story.

    From my understanding if a child is suspended more than 10 days there has to be a manifistation hearing right? He has disabilities (Mood Disorder, Conduct Disorder, Complex PTSD, etc.) and just got out of an Residential Treatment Center in June. It should not be hard to prove his disability is affecting his behaviors. So now that he is suspended 10 days in one whop, if he gets suspended even for another day then I can call that meeting right?

    Hopefully it won't come to that, because at his meeting on the 7th I am going to request an alternative therapeutic out of distict placement. Knowing his school district, I won't be very successful on that though... All his discharge papers from the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) say that he needs an alternative therapuetic day school, not the public school. He is currently in a substantially seperate classroom, which has a level system and uses rewards/consiquences. I am a little confused because I thought they told me that children in that program did not get suspended, when his advocate asked for a FBA and a BIP. They told me he did not need one because he was in a behavioral program.

    I am looking for suggestions, advice, etc. to help me deal with this school system. He does have an advocate, but I want to know what ya'll recommend I ask of her, and other suggestions.
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