Can this be really getting better???

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by buddy, Mar 31, 2012.

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    So where I left off: I got the Zyprexa as a rescue medication to help get through this intense increase in aggression and panic Q seems to be going through.

    Day 1: By the end of the day he was asking his incessant, but normal, questions about the world, things he has done, just trying to connect and play with his stuff. Had moments of upset, no hurting me though. He went to bed nicely.

    Day 2: Refused medications in morning, got really feisty again, I just left the house and he followed I got him to take all medications and we went to a park and walked around. He did really well. Had a meltdown at home but no physical aggression, Went to PT and did GREAT even when transitioning from me and then transitioning to the Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker. She said she got a nice hug from him and the whole time they were together he was cooperative and never got upset and anxious. That has not happened for months (he does great but she said it was just very different)...he came home and I let him ride his scooter a couple of times and he came right in.

    Day 3 (today): He took his medications right away. We went out to eat (a chance for us to have fun, it has been SOOO long) and then when we came back he dropped his radio he had and started yelling at me (same old story, any upset or scare and it is addressed at me... I am a B and tons of demands and swearing) BUT no aggression. He figured out it was not broken and as his panic subsided, he just calmed.....handled the whole day well (no outside, I just kept low because we had horseback riding) and we left at 3:30 for riding. He got a little mouthy but NOTHING like the past months of transitioning there. Once we arrived he got out of the car nicely, no kicking the car no swearing nothing! He ran up to the volunteers (one guy had not been there since summer) and he hugged all of them, he was alone and they lavished him with attention. He was in heaven. He rode himself for the first time since last summer and did not swear at me ONCE...the closest the came to being inappropriate was to say "dont look at me mom" (always bosses me...what I can say, where I can look, what I can do, etc..when he is nervous). He rode two horses and asked if he could help brush them out after and he stuck with it....really did well.

    On the way home asked if he could ride his scooter and I said YES! He has been riding since about 5:30 on and off, and has used kind words to me and anyone he has seen outside. He has said please and thank you for everything all day when people have helped him (waitress, store clerk etc.).

    I told him we are not ready for just being outside and hanging around to see if kids come and go....only a half hour more....he said OK! And said I will tell you when I go out and we can try to make it longer tomorrow when I keep doing a good job, right mom?

    UMMMM I really dont want to think this could be it because it seems things can go so wrong. I at least am grateful for a few days of no serious issues though. THIS I can handle.
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    So nice hearing a positive post from you. Yes, when a medication hits just right, it is such a BEAUTIFUL thing! Reality, yes, pooh! It may be short-lived, but by all means enjoy every great nanosecond you get! You of all people deserve it!
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    How AWESOME!! Maybe this is one of the medications he CAN be on and "digest" properly. I learned with difficult child 1 that it's not the class of drugs he reacts badly to, it's the medication itself. I'll keep pretzeling, praying, rattling and sending good vibes that this continues. You both NEED this!!!
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    Interestingly, this one is one of the specific ones (it is not the class it is the individual drug and some use more than one enzyme pathway etc...) that does use one of the enzymes he has an issue with. But I read the research on it and in its original state it still works so adjustments for low metabolizers does not need to be made in all cases. He is no longer on Prozac too which is a drug that for any of us can also reduce the enzyme that he genetically does not make, so it could have made things worse when he was on that. I am cautious though because of the story I read about the boy who went on Prozac (another cyp 2d6 medication) and by day three he was dead because it did not eliminate from his body and so he had a triple dose in him..... So, just watching him very very closely...
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    Enjoy this and enjoy him! I am happy for you!
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    Oh Buddy I am sooo happy for you. It sounds like this is a great drug for Q. I hope he continues to process it correctly and you can continue to use it. What a wonderful break for you. Those happy days are great. I am happy you managed to have a break to take a breath. Everything pretzeled crossed and prayed that this continues for you both.
  7. buddy

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    He is in now. Got mad that I put the lock on and swore at me but that is all...he is just sitting on the couch and watching his sports show. I feel like each moment I am holding my breath but I dont have the headaches i was getting every day......
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    Yay for that! I am sure the swearing is a huge break compared to what he was doing. I understand the breath holding waiting for the other shoe to drop. I find myself still doing it. And I think I will forever if I am honest with myself. Hugs to you and Q. Just so happy for you both.
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    Q is so lucky to have such a remarkable Mom - you're the template for perfection.
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    That sounds like a positive change for this weekend. Hopefully, tomorrow will be good as well.
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    Wow! That is a lot of positives coming your way! What I find remarkable (this applies to my difficult child as well) is that Q knows the polite, appropriate ways to act (good job mom) and he is able to show that now. When my difficult child isn't doing well I feel like I failed so badly, but when he 'comes around' he shows me that he's been listening and does have ability to show concern, caring and appropriate interactions. Please keep us updated on Q and this medication!
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    Just keep putting one foot in front of the other... this is a major step forward, and there will be more.
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    I am happy for you Buddy. You really deserve peace and joy in your life. I am consistently inspired by your dedication, commitment and love for your son. And, the depth of compassion you have for other parents on this board. I pray that this positive trend continues for you.
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    This can be a very good drug. Some dont like to use it because it can cause a lot of weight gain but in his case I would take weight gain over his other problems any day.
  15. buddy

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    Oh lordy no...but thanks for the compliment....I am just hanging on and make so so many mistakes. thanks for the uplift and letting me share (I know it is not exciting narration but I just have you all to tell and it is really a huge deal to me, if I tell my family they will freak from the level of aggression. ) Janet, that is what I was worrying about with the Lithium... didn't see much effect from it but he was gaining so fast...that leveled out but he is bigger and stronger so I worried if this did that too, I would just have a bigger aggressive kid. BUT if it WORKS, I dont care if I have a big, NOT aggressive kid. (of course I care about his health though. will have the doctor continue to monitor weight, cholesterol, blood sugars etc.) Luckily he is super active, can ride bike for thirty miles round trip with no problem, rides his scooter, goes for long walks, roller blades, etc... he really does do a lot of exercise, and he likes healthy food, just that if I have ANY food like granola bars etc.. he eats all of them right away. I have to hide things, but he does the same in my refrigerator. SO, I have started buying only a little and going to the store more frequently. Like I buy only four yougarts (stinks to have to do that) then if he eats ALL of them it is not the end of the world. He drank half a gallon of OJ today. I was so mad. But he also snarfs apples, pears, carrots, oranges etc....I am going to try to get him into more green veggies too. He eats them if they are cooked but I want him to eat them as finger food. He doesn't use any veggie dip or ketchup or anything on most food. He is not a cheese eater (probably good now), so it really is just good straight food.

    any other filling food you guys can think of that he can eat a lot of that would be great. I have done many of the things you all suggested.
  16. StressedM0mma

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    Buddy, could you make him a visual chart with velcro so that he could see what or how many snacks he could have for the day, and as he eats one, he could move that item over to the other side? Or, he could have choices by giving him an alotted number of snacks/drinks and he could then place that item on the ""used" side?
  17. buddy

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    yup I sure could. Well, actually I could have someone do it with him. That kind of thing used to be our main way of handling things but he started ripping it all up and throwing it at me because he said I was treating him like a baby. (he noticed that the kids in Special Education had those pictures etc...but the kids in mainstream gen ed did not, sigh...hard to have a kid who is not high functioning but is very aware)... BUT If I get everything ready and give the materials to an Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker or someone else to do then it is HIS project and it may work much better.... thanks for that idea.
  18. StressedM0mma

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    Ugh. What a smart boy you have!! That can be so hard. Yeah, maybe if it is his project he would like it more. Just a thought.
  19. susiestar

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    I like the idea of the chart. You also might try having a shelf that is just yours and one that is just his. Or a drawer that is just yours that he can't go into and one that his his that he knows you won't get into. My mom made us pack our lunches starting in 3rd grade or maybe 2nd. She would go buy a box of zingers or ho hos at the bread store and then put them in the freezer. They were for our lunches and we got one or two boxes per month, each. We put our names on them and as long as mom didn't find wrappers laying around, we could eat them as fast or slow as we wanted. But when they were gone, no more until the next payday. It might be a concept to start with Q on? I don't know if he will be able to handle it, but it might help him learn to pace himself?

    The chart is a great idea, esp as HIS project. You can make the veggie shapes out of felt and hang some felt on the fridge or door and it makes an easy felt board. As the room mom for Jess and thank you, I would go into the kdg class and have the kids make their own felt boards for storytelling. We used a file folder for each kid, then glued a piece of felt to each side of the inside of the folder. Then we cut shapes out of the felt for whatever story we were working on. For some things I would draw the pcture on felt before class and then ahve the kids cut them out. each kid ended up with a file folder felt board and a baggie of shapes for the story we read that day (after we made the boards we met every two weeks or so for storyboard time) and of the ones from past stories. THe teachers used the felt boards for a lot of other lessons, including math. I did the cutting for that at work = cut out the same size shape out of different colors to stand for different things, plus things twice as big, three tmes, etc.. They were manipulatives taht could be stuck n one spot sot hey didn't get bumped or fall over, etc...(Thankfully I took jewelry orders in a call center, so I had PLENTY of time to cut things out - and about 20 other people who were happy to help if I was overloaded!)

    You could fasten some felt to the fridge for this, an/or the pantry door. If you have a picture of the food, you could even set up a grocery list where Q can put the felt picture wehn he eats the last one.

    Just a thought.

    It is WONDERFUL that he is doing so well on the zyprexa!!!!!!! I really hope this is safe for him to take as it is helping him make safe and appropriate choices. Whatamess' comment about how great it is when they show you that htey know the appropriate polite way to act is so very true.
  20. TerryJ2

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    The Zyprexa certainly sounds good!
    Sounds like you're keeping track of behaviors very well.
    A chart may or may not work ... all you can do is try.
    You are a font of patience. Not that you have a choice. :)