cant cope?? or wont...that is the question.

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    one day in day treatment program and we're already home with script for concerta. I dont understand how they're even going to assess its effectiveness with a baseline of one day.

    Im also wondering with all the depression anxiety if we shouldnt be treating that first especially since concerta has all kinds of warnings about using it with those comorbid conditions.

    I really think this kid just cannot cope with any expectations or limitations on things that either dont fall or do fall into his list of likes and dislikes. He wants to do what he wants to do and dont try changing it because he'll just have a complete mental/emotional/behavioural meltdown...he is immature and irrational. He's so bored that he has nothing better to do than pop a bunch of pills but "there's no sense in getting a job because then" he' ll "just be working all the time"...He tells all his friends how boring and pointless his life is on MSN as he fights me to sit there 7 hrs a night so I ask him "What the heck do you think they're doing??" there anybody in there?????????? Just a frustrated mom...sonja
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    i'm sorry tha'Tourette's Syndrome so frustrating. yea that is an odd medication for that mix, but i guess worth a shot. we had to try so many medications before we found one that even slightly worked at all.

    does he take steriod shots for the turners? just wondering, that's what we give my so's little one.

    sending you hugs for a frustrating day.

    you need to go take a hot bubble bath and take care of you now for a bit.
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    hi jena...he was taking Neutropin for about 3 yrs. His anxiety got the best of him though i think and he refused to take it after that because it hurt too much...He hates needles and getting blood out of him is still a big pita...He's a rare case some doctors call his condition Turners and some call it mixed gonadal dysgenesis because they say only girls get turners. He was diagnosed prenatally through amnio with turners so it was a big surprise when he was a boy. He has the 45X cell pattern but he also has 45 x dicentric Y (which means the y is there but the small arm broke off and joined back on in a different place on the long arm and also he has a marker chromosome which is also a little piece of the short arm of the y...He had enough to make him all male but he did have to have a streak gonad (which never developed either way into a male or female part removed when he was five because it carries a huge risk of developing cancer. He's 16 and is 4'10" and about 110 lbs. He hasnt grown hardly at all since stopping GH. Puberty coming along well though...he doesnt have the coarctation of the aeorta or kidney problems or webbed neck or sheild chest. His 4th and 5th metacarpals are short and his finger nails are hypoplastic and do grow upward if you let them get too long...He bites them all off before that happens He has all of the neurological problems associated with Turners...NonVerbal Learning Disorder (NVLD), ADHD, anxiety....Ive never talked to anyone with turners tho...sonja
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    16 yrs is a hard age. Kids in your class are talking about driving - most probably already have their liscense and most of those have a vehicle. It is a large stage toward leaving childhood and enterring pre-adult hood.

    Kids who do not have a dream of what they will do following graduation or do not have a current job or hobby or sport, start to fall behind. They get discouraged watching others work toward their dreams. They look for ways to enjoy life outside of jobs, hobbies, and sports and it takes a very strong person in this position to stay out of the troubles of inappropriate behaviors of drinking, doing drugs, being mean/violent, vandalism, complaining of life, whatever.

    Is there anything outside the house your difficult child enjoys doing?
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    thanks Andy. I know what you mean. He's had "Ideas" about what he wants to do. They just dont seem realistic because its like he thinks things are going to just happen. He says he'll be a scientist or professional athlete but he doesnt understand that he needs to persue these interests in some way. Im trying to get some community funding right now to get him back into tai kwon do...which he enjoyed. thx...sonja