Can't qualify for Medicaid, not enough $ for therapy..

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    I know, I am back with a vengence!!

    We have this horrible high-deductible medical insurance so unless someome is dying - the doctor is out. We barely make it on my income, but don't qualify for any public assistance. Funny thing is I work in the medical field as a healthcare administrator adn I can't get the care my own kids need - ARGH!!!

    Any suggestions?
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    I'm sorry, this must be so frustrating. Have you checked into the Katie Beckett program? Even though we don't qualify for medicaid our son does due to his special needs.
  3. Jena

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    So, ridiculous, right?? ugh!

    How about a county run facility?? I know here they have something the county runs and they offer services doesn't matter your income. Could you do a search on internet for that??

    i'm sorry it's always such a struggle at times
  4. Nancy423

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    I have the same situation...........I looked into katie beckett and Illinois does not participate. we have some savings and are now forced to use it. Hope you find a solution!
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    Do you belong to a church? Sometimes larger churches have clinical therapists who work on the side as a ministry. I know our church does.

    Also, check some of the private agencies in your area. Many work on a sliding scale that reduces fees.

    Mental illness is so under treated - thanks in great part to insurance companies. I'm so sorry.
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    Hi! Here's something to look into: many states are now running different programs. Medicaid is for people who really have extremely low OR no income whatsoever. NYState and many others now have "family plans" which are aimed at middle class families who have an income but their budgets are stretched to their (or even beyond) limits.

    Aeditha: Specifically for you in Texas, I ran a search and came up with the following link:

    There were several plans on there that you can cruise through. I'd also recommend a trip to Social Security. DON'T JUST CALL! You'll sit on hold forever and will never get the same story twice. There are supplementary plans (one is called "Medicaid Waiver") that's in place for kids with various issues. You might want to also go through the Office of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities (or its Texas equivalent).

    There ARE often resources out there that are hidden or very little publicity is given them. Unfortunately, we often have to "reinvent the wheel" each and every time we hit a brick wall.

    Let me know if you need more digging done. I'll keep trying if I can be of any help!

  7. SomewhereOutThere

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    County Mental Health Centers are often sliding scales.
    We have Medicaid and I love it. It covers everything without a deductible. I think everyone should have that right, but you have to make less than $40K, have no insurance at work, or be unable to pay for it to qualify here in Wisconsin. See what your state offers. You may be surprised.
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    You may want to check with Department of Children and Families in your state. We were directed to their voluntary services division in our state. Even though we have reasonable insurance, I was prompted by our school, our personal therapist and the staff at the psychiatric hospital where difficult child spent 3 weeks to get more support for ourselves. We filled out the application and were accepted. They have many programs. We qualified for in home intensive therapy and respite at no cost to us. The charge is $128 an hour. You get services for 6 months up to a year depending on your situation. You can stop the services at any time and if other testing is recommended they will pay for it. (We are currently asking for a 2nd neuropsychologist evaluation). This may be a short term solution for you. I do not know if it is available in TX, but we just recently started and they have been wonderful. We were very apprehensive to go this route, but what a great additional support.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks everyone!!

    Texas likes to hide their programs. I dug and dug when my husband (then my fiance) was so ill and had no insurance. It seemed like he had access to so much more when he had no money!

    Here are kids that all need help - our schools are absolute poo poo (the counselor, when told my daughter has an anxiety-based disorder said "Well what's she so anxious about?" ARGH!) and I don't have the $ to pay for psychiatric/therapy etc... My oldest is lucky. He has health insurance through my ex who is a city firefighter. They have great insurance.

    I will keep hunting. Thanks again for everyone's input!!!!
  10. mom_to_3

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    I agree that Texas "hides" their services. Grrr! I am assuming that you are in the Austin area? If so, here are a couple of leads that may help you out. Lone Star Circle of Care (512)868-1124
    "Lone Star Circle of Care is a 501c3 nonprofit, operating eight community health clinics for uninsured and underinsured residents in Williamson and surrounding Central Texas Counties." and 'Specially for Children (I just know that they accept medicaid) (512) 628-1800 and STARRY, A Counseling Program offers counseling services to families with children birth to 17 years of age and who need assistance resolving family conflict, eliminating truancy or runaway behaviors and avoiding delinquent conduct. The program helps families communicate effectively before residential placement is needed. (512) 388-8290. I would also suggest calling your state representative and asking for information. You can find your rep. here:

    I'm am not sure if you can get care from *these* places, but I would suggest that you try to get all the information from them that you can. If whoever answers the phone can't tell you where you can get help, I would ask if they have a social worker you could speak to. They may have pertinent info for you.

    I am curious how you make out. Let us know if you get any leads.
  11. susiestar

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    I am so sorry. I know how rough it is. When husband was in grad school we had the kids on the state kids insurance program. I couldn't even work part time because if I earned $200 in a month then the kids wouldn't qualify for hte insurance. It really was tough, and right now our insurance has a copay we can't afford for PT for our daughter. We are doing what we can at home.

    I really am sorry. Look into the resources that have been mentioned here - you may find something.
  12. witzend

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    Any help with SSI or something like that? I'm not familiar with it as it applies to children, but I wonder if you might get more ideas from the Insurance Forum?
  13. Star*

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    As far as therapy? ALL county mental health care agencies MUST take you on a sliding scale fee - or free.

    If you are close to a university? Call them and ask if they have psychiatrists that would work with you. Actually call someone you would LIKE to see and then tell them you can't afford them but need the help could they work out a deal - mine did - I cleaned his office for my mental healths sake.

    As far as drug companies? Most will offer hardship programs - you have to send in your taxes and copies of your prescriptions - fill out some paperwork. Look up the drug, get the name of the company who makes it and write to their hardship programs - most have one.

    Communicare is nationwide and may be available in your area. It's for people that don't qualify for Medicaid and Beckett waivers.

    Hope this helps.....
  14. Bailey_PA

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    You might have already tried this, but have you talked to your state's Department of Public Welfare? In PA where I'm located, Welfare is usually need based (on income), so I wouldn't qualify. However, they also provide coverage for kids with a disability, regardless of their parents' income. You may want to contact your state's Welfare Department to see if they do the same thing.

    It's infuriating, isn't it? There are so many kids that need help, and the "system" makes it impossible to get any. :mad:
  15. Feeling Helpless

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    I also am from Texas and even though I have insurance I am aware that you can check with MHMR in your area or check with DARS (used to be TRC) They also could help with paperwork for SSDI. They also have a program called CHIPS. It is insurance for children who do not qualify for medicaid.I also got some counseling from a home for girls for free while I was waiting to see a pychologist. It takes 6 months to get an appointment with any doctor it seems.The school gave me the number for the home for girls. You might could check with your school.Also some schools have a diagnotician who can evaluate your child especially if they are having problems in school.They probably could be of some help.I am sorry I am just now catching up with posts as the holidays have been busy as well as my difficult child. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
  16. susiestar

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    If there is any violence in the home (from an ex, or from one child abusing you or a sibling) then you will qualify for FREE counselling at any domestic violence shelter. After I had my difficult child removed by the Sheriff and we finally had him placed with my parents I just couldn't see him. I was a MESS. We couldn't afford counselling so I went to the DV shelter. They hadn't seen my situation before, but it still was violence so it still counted even though it was a child abusing a parent. I got quite a LOT of help for free. And it was GOOD help, the therapists I saw were very willing to try things and look for new ways to help me.

    It might be an option. And it is totally confidential. The therapist said that if they ran into me in public it was up to me to say Hi or not - and either was OK. They let the client make that decision each time, because sometimes it could be risky for some clients.

    I am so sorry the mental health system is so dang broken that we often can have insurance but no way to get therapy.

    Oh - does your hospital have an Employee Assistance Program? Often you can call and they will pay for several visits completely. It is several visits per problem, so you can phrase it as a new problem each time and get a fair amt of help. I know it has been quite helpful for us as we need to see a therapist to know if they will be helpful, and with our program if a therapist doesn't work out then you can get more visits approved to see another therapist until you find one that will work for you.
  17. Ropefree

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    Go to the top where you work and tel them what you need to meet your needs.
    Yep, ask for a raise! Hey, ask for the amount of money you need to get the insurance you need for your needs.
    That is why you work isnt it? IF not while you work, when?