Can't tell between reality & fantasy


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I have decided that my difficult child just CANNOT tell the difference between fantasy and reality. I have had to monitor and take away video games in the past because he gets so entangled in it - makes me think of the movie Lawnmower Man (LOL).

I was wondering if everyone else's child is the same way or if it is just mine?

Let me give you an example of today: He came in today and said, "Mom! I could have had a wreck on the go-cart! I was driving and the tire started deflating and coming off the rim and then just went back on and reflated! I hit a stump and it flew into the air and nearly flipped three times but my steering got me back on track!"

My husband was out watching him the whole time (that is our rule, one of us watching or no one drives go-cart). husband said none of that happened. difficult child always talks about doing the "Matrix" all the time to avoid things. He cannot tell that a movie is fake!!! OMG! He BELIEVES everything ridiculous he sees and hears! Is my child the only one l ike this? He is 15 now!!!! Argh!

When he was younger, everyone said he had an active imagination - well, it is STILL active! (but his version of some things are absolutely hilarious!)
My younger brother (who was a difficult child before being a difficult child was cool) STILL has a problem with it. And he is 32.

He plays baseball on the video games. He announces wins and losses like it is a real season. He names his players and talks about their imaginary "stats".

This started when he was a kid. He watched Evel Kenivel, then jumped a ramp on his tricycle. He used to bite through his tongue to make it bleed so that he would look like Gene Simmons. I remember going to a luau, and my folks telling him that the guys who twirl the torches were using pretend fire. They knew that otherwise we'd come home and he'd burn the house down.

So yeah. his line between real and fantasy is pretty blurry.

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Travis' concept of reality doesn't often match up with the rest of the world. Make believe, movies, books have always been a slippery slope for him. I've seen some improvement with age. But at 15 he still had me pretty worried.

Say something would happen in the afternoon. I might ask Travis to tell me what happened. (even though I was there) He almost always will give me this way out version that just barely has anything to do with what actually happened.

Now this isn't every single time, but often enough that I have to take most things he tells me at face value til I've had a chance to varify.